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Monument Signs: Making a Lasting Impression for Your Business

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Monument signs are a powerful tool for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression in their community. These signs are designed to capture attention at a distance, enhancing brand recognition and unlocking marketing opportunities.

Though monument signs for businesses are considered a preserve of large organizations, such as hospitals and corporate headquarters, they are a popular option for smaller establishments too. Commercial complexes, commercial buildings, and even small businesses install monument signs for versatility, durability, and impact.

In this blog, we will delve into how monument signage can be used to unlock exponential marketing efforts and valuable opportunities to take your business to new heights.

Monument Signs: Unlock New Marketing Opportunities

Monument signage displays essential information, such as your business’s name, logo, hours of operation, and product or service offerings. Simply put, it acts as a 24/7 marketing tool that increases visibility. When expertly designed, these signs help to boost your business's bottom line too.

What distinguishes monument signs from other sign types is their size and installation location. Monument signs in Dallas are large freestanding structures, often made from materials such as concrete, stone, and metal. The architectural design and materials give them an imposing presence few other signs can match.

The list of customization possibilities is nearly endless with monuments. When you work with full-service monument sign companies, you can personalize virtually every aspect of the sign. You will have the freedom to choose materials, styles, sizes, lighting options, and more.

The flexibility of monument signs means they can be tailored for a wide range of applications. Condominiums use them to raise curb appeal and attract potential residents. Churches use digital monument signs to display service times, upcoming events, and inspirational messages. At entrances to country clubs, hospitals, and large corporate buildings, monument signs are used to create a strong first impression.

One new design trend that is gaining popularity is a directory-style monument. These have removable inserts, which are ideal for advertising multiple businesses on one sign. They are ideal for commercial property managers with several tenants on the property or those looking to unlock advertising revenue.

How Monument Signs in Dallas Make a Lasting Impression

Monument signs stand as symbols of longevity, stability, and success. The signs are installed at entrances, making them extremely noticeable for pedestrians and drivers. Find out how they can help your business make a memorable impression with visitors.

  • Flexibility

Monument signs are among the most customizable signs you can get for your business. Whether it's incorporating your logo, choosing brand-specific colors, or displaying a specific message, monument signs let you do so in a compelling way.

You can even illuminate these signs to make them more visible at night or in low-lighting conditions. Digital elements, such as digital displays, allow you to showcase videos and change your messaging at the click of a button. This adaptability in design means you can personalize signs to suit your needs precisely.

  • Durability

One of the biggest benefits of monument signs is how durable and long-lasting they are when constructed properly. Made of hard-wearing materials, such as concrete, stone, and brick, these signs can withstand rough weather and remain visually appealing for years. If you work with expert designers, they will help you choose materials that age well too. For instance, wood, brass, and stone can acquire a classic patina over time.

  • Wayfinding

Acting as an identifier or address marker for the business is a key function of any signage. Monument signs highlight your business’s location, making it easier for customers and visitors to find your entrances.

Eye-catching signs are known to drive positive customer behaviors; for instance, studies have found around three-quarters of American shoppers will visit a business for the first time if they like its signage. Given the visual appeal of monument signage, as well as its placement near your business’s entrance or complex, they will have a positive impact on your business’s identity, as well as customer’s perception of it.

·  Operating Costs

As they are constructed from tough materials and LED lighting, monument signs are engineered to perform for the long term. While the upfront investment of designing and installing this sign is often a major expense, it is also one of the only investments required, as monument signs require minimal upkeep and repairs. Routine cleaning and minor touch-ups are enough to keep them looking their best.

Using Monument Signs to Make an Impact

With monument signage, you gain an adaptable marketing tool that can deliver an exceptional return on investment over time. However, there are a few things to consider to extract the most value out of your sign.

The design of your monument sign should be as unique as your business. It's important that you strike a balance between form and function--the sign should deliver your essential information, while also being visually impactful. An eye-catching design will help you differentiate your location and attract attention.

An important part of an effective design is color choice. To ensure the sign is legible from afar, ensure adequate contrast between the text and the background. A common technique for that is a light-on-dark or dark-on-light color scheme, which even the ADA recommends for its signage. Don't forget to use brand colors on your sign to reinforce recognition and avoid customer confusion.

Choose fonts for ease of readability. Though your logo's font may seem appealing up close, if it's cursive, it can be hard to read from afar. Opt for straightforward San serif fonts, which have easy-to-distinguish letters. Also, make sure messages are large enough to be read quickly; after all, your sign should be capable of communicating with traveling passersby as well.

One Final Consideration

Take time to understand local signage by-laws, such as property laws, zoning requirements, or signage permits. Most communities in Texas, for instance, require a sign permit for public-facing signs. Signage by-laws can influence where you install the sign, how large it can be, or even the messaging you can display on it.

If you need a permit for your sign, seek help from reputable monument sign companies, such as Priority Signs & Graphics. While the process may be relatively straightforward, it can help to have a seasoned sign professional guiding you through it, preventing any common mistakes or delays.

We Design, Install, and Maintain Monument Signs in Dallas

Installing a monument sign on your property requires managing several moving parts; it involves designing the sign, producing it, preparing the site, arranging equipment, shipping, installation, and more. A full-service monument sign company can make your entire journey seamless and enjoyable.

At Priority Signs & Graphics, we are trusted signage partners for businesses, healthcare providers, property managers, and numerous institutions. Our team is trusted to deliver end-to-end signage experiences that include exceptional after-sales support.

Book a free consultation today with one of our sign experts to discuss monument signs for your business.

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