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Custom Acrylic Signs in Dallas


Acrylic signs are extremely versatile and popular signs that are used around the world by individuals and customers for business and personal purposes. Acrylic is a type of plastic that is extremely strong, stiff, and can be transparent. It's easy to work with, shape, and fabricate. Plastic signs began to make their appearance in the United States in the 1940s and 50s. This is when it became extremely affordable to manufacture plastic. In the 1960s, acrylic signs became extremely popular in Dallas, TX, as they still are today.

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Hanging acrylic sign of Elaine Turner made by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas Fort Worth

Benefits of Acylic signs

Since acrylic is a polymer or a type of plastic, it is incredibly lightweight, making them relatively easy to install. They come in many different designs and finishes, so crafting your perfect sign offers you dozens of options. Acrylic signs can have a 3D look. You can add a border and custom the colors. In short, acrylic signs are a great way to enhance the look and feel of your business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Plus, it's a great outdoor sign, too. To learn more, get in touch with our Fort Worth sign company today!

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Industries that Use Clear & Frosted Acrylic Signs

  • Restaurants

  • Automotive

  • Trade shows

  • Retail

  • Convention centers

  • Showrooms

  • Office buildings

  • Grocery stores

  • Gas stations

  • Coffee shops

  • And more

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ADA acrylic signs for restroom designed by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX
Acrylic lobby signs of Body Rejuvenation installed by Priority Signs & Graphics in DFW

Type of Acrylic Signs For Businesses

  • Outdoor acrylic signs

  • Custom acrylic signs

  • Frosted acrylic signs

  • Dimensional acrylic signs

  • Contour-cut acrylic signs

  • And more

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Care of Custom Acrylic Signage

Like all plastics, acrylic signs are easy to care for. They are great for indoor use, as well as for short-term outdoor use, especially if protected by shade objects, such as an awning or a porch. However, custom acrylic signs should not be in the direct sun because they may distort if so. They can also scratch easily and break if dropped, so be sure to use the gentlest of detergents and cloths when cleaning acrylic signs. Get in touch with us today.

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Design of Acrylic Signs

Since there are quite a few types of acrylic sign designs in existence that are popular, sign designers have a go-to place for inspiration in Dallas, TX. For example, dimensional signage helps the sign to pop, and frosted acrylic signs offer a beautiful, translucent look. Here at Priority Signs & Graphics, we offer custom sign design that begins with understanding your mission, goals, and brand. Then, we craft a design that you'll love with constant feedback from you. Give our DFW sign company a call today

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Indoor lobby sign for Hullet business installed by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX
Acrylic sign for Hullet Insurance installed by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX

Use of Acrylic Signs for Dallas Businesses

Odds are, you see acrylic signs everywhere you go in Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are popular to use as menu boards, so the next time you go through a drive-up fast food joint, you are probably looking at an acrylic sign. They are great as directional signs, so municipalities invest in these, too. Many businesses will have an acrylic sign on the sign of their building with their name on it. Acrylic is also the go-to product for other types of signs, such as an "open" sign or custom sign in an office setting. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you'll see acrylic signs wherever you go. Call our sign company for a free quote today!

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Admittedly, there are a lot of signs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so you want a sign that can hold its own amidst the crowd. With our years of experience and attention to detail, you'll have the best custom sign for your business. Plus, we handle the entire signage process, from design to manufacturing, finishing, and installation. Our Fort Worth sign company uses the latest in technology coupled with the highest-quality materials to exceed your expectations. We offer vehicle graphics, too. Get started today.

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Freaquently Asked Questions

What are acrylic signs?
Indoor and outdoor acrylic signs are lightweight yet resilient visual communication tools. They are fantastic alternatives to traditional glass signs because of their elegance, clarity, and timeless beauty. They are also shock-resistant, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. Acrylic signs have many customization options, making them perfect for multiple applications in your Dallas facility.
How do I care for my acrylic sign?
We highly recommend that you use non-abrasive cloths, lukewarm water, and mild detergents when cleaning your acrylic signs. Avoid placing hard and sharp objects near your signage to minimize the possibility of scratches, cracks, and other minor damages. For more details, please get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists today.
What are the advantages of using acrylic signs?
Acrylic signs are incredibly long-lasting, versatile, and durable. Our team can cut and mold them into three-dimensional letters to create visual communication tools that are more visually pleasing and impactful. We also have traditional surface printing to achieve a classic look, or subsurface printing to produce a 3D effect on your design.
Can acrylic signs only be installed indoors?
Contrary to what some people say, acrylic signs are also fantastic marketing solutions for outdoor use. We typically install them at the storefront to display your company name, logo, and slogan. Sometimes, they also indicate store hours, menu items, contact details, and other important information that help increase foot traffic.
Which is better acrylic or Lexan?
Both materials are fantastic options. If you want a material that has a low level of flammability, resistance to chemicals and acids, and comes in different flexible grades, we highly recommend that you get Lexan. However, if you want something cost-effective, with a higher level of impact resistance, and more color variety, you can opt for acrylic sheets instead.
Are acrylic signs heavy?
Indoor and outdoor acrylic business signs are lightweight and easy to work with. Since they are not heavy, you can choose from a wide variety of installation options. They weigh less than traditional glass and Lexan, which is why many entrepreneurs in Dallas prefer them to other commercial signage types.
Are acrylic signs durable?
Yes, Acrylic signs are known for their impressive durability. They can withstand seventeen times more impact than regular glass signs. They also have greater resistance against scratching, shattering, ultraviolet damage, and more. Because of this, you can use acrylic signs inside or outside the establishment, making them a fantastic all-around visual marketing investment.
What is an acrylic sign made of?
Acrylic signs are fabricated from a resilient and transparent substrate that comes from a cast polymer. They are fantastic alternatives to traditional glass signs since they are low maintenance, shock-resistant, long-lasting, easy to work with, and cost-effective. Because of their timeless beauty and durability, they can be used indoors or outdoors.
What sizes are offered for acrylic signs?
Some of the most common sizes for commercial acrylic signage solutions include 20" x 30", 18" x 24", 22" x 28", 24" x 36", 27" x 40", 19" x 27", 27" x 39". However, Priority Signs & Graphics also offers many customization options that you can choose from. We highly recommend that you book a consultation with us to learn about the options that will work best for your needs and goals.
How thick should an acrylic sign be?
Most entrepreneurs choose ¼” or ⅛” thick acrylic signs because of their durability and visual appeal. However, we also provide custom thickness solutions according to your requests, such as ⅙” and 1”. Our team will work closely with you to identify the level of thickness that will suit your space, branding, and message.

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