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When you are in the process of building your brand identity and awareness in Dallas, you want to create a custom-designed sign to help you through the stages. Over the years, business owners have had to choose between the two types of lighted signs; neon and fluorescent.

Although fluorescent and neon signs have a long history and have proven to be reliable, LEDs have lately become an alternative primarily because of their creative and colorful displays and their low energy cost.

Lighted Channel letter sign of Bombardier installed by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas, TX

How Will Lighted LED Signs Benefit Your Business?

  • Extended Life-Span: There is no doubt that today’s high-quality LED signs for businesses can last up to 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is approximately 3 to 5 years longer than neon and fluorescent. 
  • They Maintain Brightness: LEDs never leak their gases or dim during their lifetime, thus maintaining an improved brightness level. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Indoor and outdoor LED signs’ lower power requirement of around 10 watts translates to less strain on the environment. 
  • Better Impression: Having LEDs in your business eliminates many of the problems associated with using fluorescent tubes and neon, which adds to the many benefits of LED signs. 
  • Thinner Profiles: Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs are typically not encased in tubes, meaning we can manufacture numerous signs with much thinner profiles. 
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: LED signage systems have fewer maintenance requirements than conventional signs considering their brightness, efficiency, and long life spans. 
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Which Dallas LED Signs Best Fit Your Needs?

  • LED Wall Signs: At Priority Signs & Graphics, we manufacture LED signage systems for wall installations. They are safe and durable. Depending on our customers’ needs, we also manufacture pole-mount custom LED signs for businesses. 
  • Indoor Lighted Signs: Priority Signs & Graphics specializes in genuine custom LED neon signs, LED neon art, and LED neon lights. Our experienced staff is passionate about producing various indoor signage, from backlit to dual-lit and face-lit office signs. 
  • Programmable LED Signs: Are you looking forward to having the best deal on LED signage systems that are programmable? Explore an array of options to find one or two that suit your business best. 
  • Lightboxes: These lighted signs bring ultra-effective visual communication solutions for environments and applications of all types. You can see the unique benefits of these signage systems when you place them alongside non-illuminated signs. They create strikingly-branded displays, guaranteed to make a long-term impact on everyone passing by. 
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Custom cabinet sign of Auto Scope installed by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas Fort Worth
Custom business sign of Evin Fitness installed by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth

Custom LED Signs Assembly and Installation

At Priority Signs & Graphics, our qualified and trained technicians understand that your time is precious and that hurried preparations can create a lot of pressure. 

No need to worry! The assembly and installation instructions for all Priority Signs & Graphics products are clearly outlined. This way, our sign technicians or maintenance personnel can quickly and easily install your indoor and outdoor LED branding signage. 

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