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The History of Wooden Signs

Most historians agree that the first signs were likely made from wood. After all, it's relatively easy to shape and carve, and there was never an issue with supply. Wood remained the dominant material to make signs up until the 20th century. They were used by the early Christians to make their churches; the Romans used them for storefronts; during the Medieval period, they were prevalent to make trade shops. Today, wooden signs still remain popular due to their iconic and classic look and versatility. Get in touch with our sign company for your wooden sign today.

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Benefits Of Wooden Signs

Because wood itself is so versatile, signs are as well. You can choose the type of wood, you can paint the wood, and you can carve virtually any symbol and letters into it. They last a long time, and they offer a very natural feel, which makes them popular for national parks, wildlife refuges, and the like where they blend in. For businesses, wooden signs can lend your business credibility, too, since people associate wood with the past. Let our Dallas-Fort Worth sign company help with your wooden sign today.

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Industries That Use Wooden Signs

  • Municipalities

  • Local governments

  • Bars and pubs

  • Venues

  • General stores

  • Campgrounds

  • Mom & pop stores

  • Restaurants

  • And more

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Types of Wooden Signs

  • Custom wood signs

  • 3D signs

  • Multimedia layered signs

  • Painted wooden signs

  • Outdoor signs

  • Directional signs

  • And more

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Care of Custom Wooden Signs

While wood will last a long time, with some TLC, it will last a lot longer and look beautiful, too. Woods have their own type of natural preservatives or oils that help it to stay healing, look good, and not crack or warp. However, the sun's powerful UV rays can do a lot of damage and degradation to wood, so some shade is advised. Add a sealant for optimal protection, and be sure to clean it every now and then when you notice dirt on it or bird droppings that can eat away at the wood. Call Priority Signs & Graphics for advice today.

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Design of Wooden Signs

The design of wooden signs is limited only to your imagination. Wood can be carved, chiseled, routed, or even intermixed with other materials, such as steel, to give it a classic look. You can use CNC machines, as well as other wood carving machines, which give you extremely precise cuts. Here at Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas & Fort Worth, we can design your wooden sign to your exact specifications. Learn more by calling us today.

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Use of Custom Wooden Signs

Custom wood signs have many uses that you'll love. They can be used for decorative purposes either inside or outside of a building. They are popular directional signage. And, they are great for marking business locations. Wooden signs can be used for address nameplates, and they make great gifts if you are looking for a unique gift that is easy to customize. Since wooden signs require little maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy them for years to come. Get in touch with our Dallas-Fort Worth sign company for your free wooden sign estimate today.

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At Priority Signs & Graphics in DFW, your sign is our priority. We understand that your sign will serve a valuable purpose, be it decorative or informative. Our team has years of experience and training, and we can't wait to design, manufacture, and install the perfect sign for you. Our sign company is fully licensed and insured. We offer competitive pricing with the mission to exceed your expectations every time. Partner with us to design your custom wooden sign. Call for a free quote today!

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