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No one gets a second chance at a first impression. Priority Signs & Graphics’ experience and signage design expertise give your Dallas business the best shot at making that first impression incredible. From capturing your brand on a freestanding ground sign, to creating a lighted sign for your company’s interior, we are happy to customize a solution to match every business’ need.

There’s no job too small, big, or complicated for this sign company! We partner with our clients to develop the best possible sign and graphic solutions, ensuring they are involved every step of the way. From the initial sign design to the final installation, our professionals handle each task from start to finish. Never outsourcing, never compromising, Priority Signs & Graphics goes above and beyond for our Dallas/Fort Worth customers. Get in touch today for your free quote.

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    Custom Exterior Signs

    Our Services

    Environmental Graphics

    If you are looking for a brilliant and creative way to enhance your gym, office space, restaurant, museum, or university, environmental graphics are the way to go. Our designs, graphics, and signs will help you transform your space, creating a long-lasting positive impression of your brand within your space. So, whether you need wall murals, window graphics, lobby signs, elevator wraps, or digital signage, we have your back.

    Environmental Branding
    Channel letters of Framers Insurance made by Priority Signs & Graphics in Dallas Fort Worth

    Outdoor Signs

    At Priority Signs & Graphics, we understand what outstanding outdoor signs can do to your business's success. That is why we go above and beyond to help you tell your business story in an intriguing way. From lightbox, pylon, neon, and channel letter signs to 3D commercial signs, we have all you need to help your business stand out. Besides outdoor signage, we are also the leading provider for businesses needing indoor signs and branding solutions.

    Our Services

    Indoor Signs

    Priority Signs & Graphics offers numerous custom indoor sign services for various industries. Whether in real estate, healthcare, entertainment, finance, or hospitality, we will help you promote your business services and products. Our extensive experience, advanced facility, skilled crafts people, and cutting-edge technology are why we are the best choice for sign printing in Dallas. Trust us to create outstanding signs for business for all kinds of promotional and branding services.

    Interior Signs

    With You, Every Step of the Way

    Priority Signs & Graphics is a custom sign shop for end-to-end sign services that include design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair services. Other sign services we offer include:

    • Pole and pylon signs
    • Building signs
    • Monument signs
    • Digital and vinyl graphics
    • Digital message centers
    • Directional and wayfinding
    • Wholesale sign installations and repair
    • Freestanding ground signs

    We're A Cut Above Sign Manufacturer 

    At Priority Signs & Graphics, we design and install every sign to stand out in style, elegance, and function in any location. We offer you many different customizable options and allow you to choose one that works perfectly for you. We are dedicated to making signs that bring more business to you. Whether you need vehicle wrap installation, sign permits, sign installation, repair, or removal, Priority Signs & Graphics is one call away. Contact us today and let us take your business to the next level.

    Our Services

    Our Sign Shop Gallery



    We are a leading provider of custom sign and
    graphic services including…

    • Custom Building Signs
    • Free Standing Ground Signs
    • Large Format Graphics
    • Vehicle Wraps
    • Sign Repair
    • Wholesale Installation

    From commercial vehicle wraps to custom building signs, no job is too
    small, too big, or too complicated. We personally work with you one-on-
    one to devise the best possible sign and graphic solutions for your business.
    For additional information about our services, contact us anytime.

    Our Services
    Custom business sign of Evin Fitness installed by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth
    Why Choose Priority Signs & Graphics


    Leading Commercial Sign & Vehicle Graphics Company

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    Highest Quality 

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    Exceeding Customers

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    Equipped with the 
    Latest Equipment Available

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    Knowledgeable &
    Experienced Personnel

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    We value you as a customer. This is why it is our personal mission to make sure we always exceed your expectations with industry-standard products, superior service, and competitive pricing. Let us help you show off your brand with pride!

    As Dallas and Fort Worth leaders in the commercial sign and vehicle graphics industry, we are the best at what we do because:
    • We transcend our customers’ expectations
    • We use only the highest quality products
    • We provide extremely competitive pricing
    • We use state-of-art equipment and technology
    • We employ knowledgeable and experienced designers, fabricators, and installers
    We can help you succeed by creating visibility for your business and attracting new customers to your location. We primarily service the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas; we also, however, have the capacity for national account management. Consult with one of our specialized experts by contacting us. Request your free custom sign design estimate today!
    Our Services
    The Vet Gal van wrapped by sign shop in Dallas Fort Worth

    A Dallas, TX, Signs and Graphics Partner you can Trust

    Priority Signs & Graphics is a Dallas-based, award-winning custom sign company specializing in a wide range of signs. We combine up-to-date technology and professional customer care services to help your business stand out with high-quality, innovative, customized signage. We are a renowned Dallas sign company for a reason. Priority Signs & Graphics partners with all businesses, from startups to long established businesses, helping you find and create the perfect commercial signs and graphics for your products and services. Some of the sign services we offer include:

    Our Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a sign company?
    A sign company plans, fabricates, installs, and maintains different types of signage. They make use of their expertise to craft different kinds of signage in a wide variety of materials and designs. While outdoor signs are common, sign companies can also provide indoor signs, as well as temporary signage for events. Accordion content goes here.
    What company makes signs in Dallas, TX?

    Priority Signs & Graphics provides high-quality signage for all your needs. Whether you need signage for your exterior or different indoor signs for your employees and guests, we can get you the signage that is right for you. Contact us now so we can find out more about your needs!

    What are the different types of signage?
    There are many types of signage! These include outdoor signs such as pylon signs and monument signs, as well as indoor signs. Some types of signage can be installed either indoors or outdoors, such as navigational signs, channel letters, and the like. We use aluminum, acrylic, and other durable materials to fabricate these signs.
    What is the purpose of a sign?

    Signage can fulfill a lot of purposes, depending on their use. You can make use of them to signify the location of your business, advertise your brand to a wide audience, provide information about your products and services, inform people of policies to be observed while on the premises, help guests navigate your premises, and reach their destination, and so on.

    Why do we need signage in the workplace?

    The benefits of signage in the workplace are twofold. Firstly, they identify key locations, such as offices and facilities. These are extremely important in ensuring that people get to where they need. Secondly, they help you inform employees of workplace regulations that are to be followed at all times. This can help ensure proper decorum and professionalism.

    How do I choose a signage company?

    The best way to choose a sign fabrication company is through research. When looking for sign makers near you, look for a reputable team of professionals with a good portfolio, which can attest to the quality of their work. We at Priority Signs & Graphics have built our client base through our consistency and professionalism. We’d love to find out more about your needs.

    What file type should my logo file be in?

    For us to ensure that your signage is of the best possible quality as we fabricate your signage, we’ll need your logo in a high-resolution file format. If available, please provide us with your logo file in .psd or .ai file types, as these are uncompressed and are still in high resolution. You could send .jpg or .png files, but there’s no guarantee that they are in the highest possible resolution.

    Why are signs important?

    Signs are very effective messaging tools, regardless of their use and type. They can help generating interest and eventually attracting more foot traffic. Signage can also provide crucial information about locations, policies, and others. Lastly, they guide people to access products and services within the establishments. All in all, signs do a lot in providing guests and employees with a good experience within the premises.

    What do sign makers in Dallas do?

    Sign makers help businesses in Dallas with their signage needs by consulting with them, conceptualizing and planning signage, then fabricating and installing their signs. We understand the importance of good signage, so we give our best in everything we do. By producing high-quality indoor and outdoor signs, we add more value and grow businesses in Dallas.

    How long does it take to make a sign?

    Our turnaround times depend on the materials, size, and complexity of the signage. We take all of these into account when determining our timelines. For instance, larger signs such as monuments and pylons can take at least four weeks, while simpler ones will take less time. We make sure to use our time effectively to produce the best possible output while ensuring that we get you your signage promptly.


    • The sign is fantastic, and is exactly what we asked for. Paul did a great job installing it. And in my opinion, is a keeper for your company. It has been wonderful working with you, and I have no problem using your company again when the need arises or recommending you guys."
      - Frankie
    • Janice, you and your company have been a pleasure to work with. Your staff has been very meticulous and have such great attention to detail. We will be sure to call you for all of our sign needs.
      - Robert G
    • Just wanted to let you know I saw the exterior sign finished and lit up on my way home last night. It looks great, thanks for getting this completed!
      - Jeff
    • Thank you so much! Your service was impeccable and I would highly recommend your company and services to anyone who is looking.
      - Stephanie
    • Priority Signs and Graphics has been such a dream to work with!! Janice has been amazing at helping me get the signs for my new practice and I cannot wait until they are here! I highly recommend this company - again great group of people who have been a dream to work with!!!
      Mary Beth Annas
    • I have known Janice and Curt for many years and watched their company grow due to their 5 star customer service and attention to detail. I have referred them to countless Office Furniture customers and they have never let me down by putting my name on the line. You can count on them to come through for you, and need look no further.
      Jeannie Norris
    • After being done very wrong by a different sign company, we got referred to priority signs and I can’t say enough ton how prompt, and great customer service they have. Always on time, and stayed in communication with us and reasonably priced, will never deal with any other sign company but this one, top notch service and products in the area!
      Sinead Shirley
    • I'm not too sure what these guys DON'T do relative to signs and graphics; however, what I do know is that they DO IT WELL!
      This family-owned business is all things creative, responsive, accountable and giving to our community!
      Veronica Darnell
    • I have had the opportunity to work with Priority Signs and Graphics twice and both times they exceeded my expectations on price, design, and finished product. I highly recommend.
      Bill Tait
    • Jimmy and Curt and awesome!! We loved the hands on experience and the straight forward value they created in our experience!! We will be taking pur trucks here from now on. Thanks guys!!
      Stonebriar Moving Services
    • Janice and her team are professional, easy to work with and fast! We look forward to a long working relationship with Priority Signs!
      Caleb Kuykendall
    • Thank you Priority Signs for a great and timely job! Curt and his team are wonderful to work with.
      Melissa Mcnair
    • I have done several projects with Priority Signs and they keep knocking it out of the park. I recommend them and will keep using them for more projects.
      Ryan Peabody
    • Great products, Very Professional with timely service and installation. I will always use them for any future signage!!!
      Randy King
    • Consistently great finished products. Signs that sincerely have the "Wow!" factor. Love em. Thank you!
      Thaddeus Harden


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