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If you’re looking for a sign company to help your business make a statement, Priority Signs & Graphics has the monument sign for you in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Sometimes called freestanding, ground or detached signs, monument signs generally stand away from your business, often close to a street or intersection, to draw attention to your business from traffic as it goes by. Monument signs are a great way to attract attention, especially if your business is located in a place that is difficult to see or find from the road.

Build Your Brand With a Modern Monument Signs


Monument signs can incorporate a variety of design options, up to and including a digital message center, to draw attention to your business.


Monument signs are built to stand the test of time. They’re sturdy and virtually weatherproof. This also ensures that they won’t cause damage to your business or others by being picked up and tossed around in the event of a severe storm.


Because a monument sign is set apart from the business itself, it doesn’t get in the way of the business. It also has potential to attract a more sizable audience due to its proximity to roadways.


No two monument signs have to be alike! If you’re getting a monument sign it can be well worth your while to make it into a unique shape or size to attract as much attention as possible. Your local sign company in Grapevine loves creating custom pieces.

At Priority Sign & Graphics, we relish the opportunity to show you that we’re the sign company that means business. With nearly a decade of servicing the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for modern monument signs, we have the experience and the expertise to craft any sign, anytime. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our sign-making professionals.

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