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If you’re looking for a sign company to help your business make a statement, Priority Signs & Graphics has the monument sign for you in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Sometimes called freestanding, ground or detached signs, monument signs generally stand away from your business, often close to a street or intersection, to draw attention to your business from traffic as it goes by. Monument signs are a great way to attract attention, especially if your business is located in a place that is difficult to see or find from the road.

Build Your Brand With a Modern Monument Signs


Monument signs can incorporate a variety of design options, up to and including a digital message center, to draw attention to your business.


Monument signs are built to stand the test of time. They’re sturdy and virtually weatherproof. This also ensures that they won’t cause damage to your business or others by being picked up and tossed around in the event of a severe storm.


Because a monument sign is set apart from the business itself, it doesn’t get in the way of the business. It also has potential to attract a more sizable audience due to its proximity to roadways.


No two monument signs have to be alike! If you’re getting a monument sign it can be well worth your while to make it into a unique shape or size to attract as much attention as possible. Your local sign company in Grapevine loves creating custom pieces.

At Priority Sign & Graphics, we relish the opportunity to show you that we’re the sign company that means business. With nearly a decade of servicing the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for modern monument signs, we have the experience and the expertise to craft any sign, anytime. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our sign-making professionals.

Benefits of monument signs

  1. Eye-level - Since they are placed at ground level, monument signs are visible to many people, whether they’re approaching directly or just passing by. This makes for impressive entrance signage that will surely attract attention.
  2. Impactful design - Some of the most iconic locations in Dallas have monument signs. They instantly leave a strong impression on your audience, helping them remember your location and message.
  3. Highly resilient - Looking for signage that will withstand a variety of conditions and last for a very long time? Monument signs achieve all of this for you! You will more than recoup the costs of constructing the monument sign from its sheer durability. You may end up making history, just from how long it lasts!
  4. Customizable - You can make monument signs in a wide variety of designs and materials, allowing you lots of freedom to express your brand message.
  5. Variety of uses - Whether you’re using them for a single establishment or making multi-tenant monument signs for shared locations, these signs will do the job well.

Three primary factors help inform us when planning for modern monument signs:

  • Location - We consider the location of the sign, as well as the environment around it. To maximize its visibility, we recommend placing it within eyeshot of passing cars and people. For instance, you can place it alongside a road, or in front of the entrance of your establishment in Dallas.
  • Distance - Speaking of being within eyeshot, we want to make sure that monument entrance signs can be seen from a distance. This way, it will be in full view even as people approach. If the sign is in a blind spot and people will just pass it by. This is why we makemonument signs in Dallas that are clear even when viewed from afar.
  • Design - Design plays a large part in signage. With the right colors, typefaces, and other design elements, we can make sure that monument entrance signs are visible and attractive to anyone.

Benefits of monument signs

  • Single-building - This refers to architectural exterior signs that identify a single location. This is most popularly used for government and law offices, libraries, and other areas used by a single entity.
  • Multi-tenant - Used in locations such as strip malls, multi-tenant monument signs signify what stores are in the area. This way, people know what to find even from a distance.

If you need a monument sign company in Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further! We can provide you with high-quality signage that will help bring attention to your store and grow your business. Contact us today!

Freaquently Asked Questions

What is monument signage?
Monument signs are long-term visual communication solutions that are installed outdoors. They typically display your company name, slogan, address, and logo. Sometimes, they are also used to indicate directories, wayfinding information, and multi-tenant details. They are fabricated from extremely hard-wearing materials, such as stone and brick, to ensure that they last for many years.
Do I need a permit for a monument sign?
Yes, as with all types of business signs, permits should be acquired first before the production process starts. This ensures that your signage is compliant with local laws and regulations. If you need assistance in acquiring permits in Fort Worth, Texas, our team can help you with that as well. Call us today to learn more.
What size can a monument sign be?
When identifying the dimensions of your signage, we have to consider the size of your building, the messages you want to relay, and the materials you want to use. The placement of the sign plays an important role because we want to make sure that people from a certain distance can see them and have enough time to reach your parking lot.
What is the best material for monument signs?
Foam core is a fantastic material if you are looking for something inexpensive and lightweight yet incredibly water-resistant. Aluminum is another great option if you want something that is rust-resistant and low maintenance. Are you looking to invest in signage that is almost indestructible? We highly recommend having them made with concrete instead.
How long will monument signs last outside?
On average, monument signs last seven to nine years. However, with proper care and maintenance, their lifespan can even extend to ten years. It is also crucial that you work with a reliable signage maker that will not take shortcuts when producing your visual marketing investments. The good news is that you can count on Priority Signs & Graphics to meet or even exceed your expectations.
How long does it take to make a monument sign?
The process of making monument signs varies depending on several factors. It includes the size, materials used, special labor requirements, design, installation type, illumination style, and signage type. Since we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all template, we highly recommend that you get in touch with us today to learn about the lead time of your desired kind of monument signage.
Are monument signs durable?
Yes, monument signs are specially engineered to withstand extreme rain, sunlight, pollution, and other outdoor elements. Here at Priority Signs & Graphics, we make sure to utilize ultra-resilient materials that are intended to last for almost a decade. It includes concrete, stucco, brick, and stone. Talk to one of our representatives today to learn which type best suits your needs.
What are the different types of monument signage?
Electronic display monument signs combine the best qualities of traditional and modern marketing. Thanks to weather-resistant LED screens, you can showcase impressive graphics, animated texts, colorful images, and unforgettable video advertisements. Other types include multi-tenant signs, wayfinding directories, and more. Please book a consultation with us today to learn about which type of monument signage will work best for your goals.
What is the difference between a pylon and a monument sign?
Pylon signs are specially fabricated to tower over other buildings and structures. Because of their height, you can use them to get the attention of potential customers from several miles away. Monument signs, on the other hand, are made and installed at eye level. They are intended to pique the interest of passersby and nearby motorists.
Where do I get monument signage in Dallas?
Priority Signs & Graphics is a leading supplier of high-quality commercial marketing tools in Dallas, Texas. Unlike other sign shops, we take the time to learn about your company and identify the best strategies that will put your brand’s best foot forward and positively impact your target market. We also use top-grade materials and high-tech equipment to ensure that your signs are visually pleasing and long-lasting.

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