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The Complete Guide to High-Rise Signage Solutions for Urban Spaces

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Are you looking for a way to take your company to the next level? High-rise signs are the answer. These signs dominate city skylines to outshine the competition and put your building on the map.

In this guide, we will explore the impressive nature of these signs, including their uses and advantages. Then, if you’re ready to take your business to new heights, contact Priority Signs & Graphics to begin your signage journey in Dallas, TX.

What Are High-Rise Signs?

High-rise signs are large building signs installed on the façade or rooftop of a tower or skyscraper. They enhance a location’s visibility, elevate a company’s branding, and stand out from the competition in crowded urban centers. The prominence of these signs often turns buildings into local, recognizable landmarks.

Types of High-Rise Signs

High-rise and tower signs are exterior signage designed to withstand the harsh elements they experience at their elevated installation site. These signs must satisfy several technical requirements to provide long-lasting service and safe installation. However, numerous types of signs are still available, and there are endless customization options for high-rise signs.

Contact your local sign company to learn more about the selection of signs available. Some of the most popular high-rise signs include:

  • Channel Letters: With their bold style and illumination options, channel letters are the most common high-rise sign. These signs put buildings on the map with their unmistakable look and customization options. Channel letters can be installed on a building’s façade or as a rooftop sign.
  • Lightbox Signs: Lightbox signs are another practical choice for building owners who want to highlight their location. These signs use brilliant, energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate their message for the entire city to see.
  • Dimensional Letters: Dimensional letters, made from acrylic or metal, are recommended for smaller buildings because they are less prominent from far distances. However, these signs can still effectively capture people’s attention, especially when an LED lighting system is added for a modern halo-lit look.
  • Banners: Durable vinyl banners can transform plain brick walls with immersive graphics and text. Install these signs to advertise specific products, provide contact information, or spread awareness about real estate opportunities in your building. Vinyl banners can endure all weather conditions and won’t fade in harsh sunlight.
  • Rooftop Signs: Any sign installed on a building’s roof, including channel letters, dimensional letters, and lightbox signs, are rooftop signs. These signs have a classic look that instantly draws attention to your business’s location. Contact your local sign company to learn more about the possibilities of these signs.

Industries Where High-Rise Signage is Used

High-rise signs are versatile tools that have applications across many diverse industries. Some of their most common uses include:

  • Corporate Offices: Present a professional image and expand your company’s presence in business districts using signs.
  • Retail Locations: In crowded shopping districts, high-rise signs quickly identify stores to distinguish them from the competition.
  • Apartments and Condominiums: Signs for apartments and condominiums help advertise available units. These signs also give buildings a polished look that welcomes people to their new homes.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers: In an emergency, signs guide patients and first responders to their destination, whether it is day or night. These signs are essential for people’s health and safety.
  • Entertainment Venues: Arenas, theaters, and stadiums are where the right sign turns a site into a must-see experience. Set an exciting tone for your venue with custom high-rise signs.
  • Hotels: Take a cue from the bright lights of Las Vegas and turn your hotel into a top tourist destination with a professional sign. These signs can fuel your marketing campaign to entice travelers worldwide to stay at your accommodations.

Advantages of High-Rise Building Signs

High-rise signs are multifunctional tools used to fuel branding, advertising, and growth campaigns. Learn more about the advantages of these signs, including:

  • Powerful Branding Tool: Exterior signs can become vital to your company’s branding. With their endless customization options, signs can incorporate your company’s name, logo, and colors to create a powerful visual representation that instantly connects with people. If you need to enhance your branding strategy, signs are the answer.
  • Unparalleled Visibility: Are you looking for a way to attract attention to your building in a bustling urban environment? Then, it’s time to harness the power of high-rise signage. These colossal installations are impossible to ignore, effectively drawing people’s attention to your location and spreading awareness about your company. Install one of these signs to ensure people stop and take notice of your message.
  • Turn Your Location into a Landmark: In a vibrant and thriving city, businesses must become integrated into the community; high-rise signs make that possible. These signs transform buildings into local landmarks that have the potential to get global attention. Turn your location into a must-see destination with an eye-catching sign.

Cost and Budgeting for High-Rise Signs

The cost of signs can vary greatly depending on the type of sign, customization options, and the complexity of the installation. High-rise signs are generally more expensive than other types of signage because of their immense size and complicated installation process.

When considering the cost of these signs, it is essential to recognize their value. Unlike other forms of advertising, signs are a permanent solution that provides enterprises with 24-hour marketing and visibility. The new business opportunities generated by signs can offset their initial cost and maximize their return on investment.

Contact Priority Signs & Graphics to learn more about the costs associated with high-rise signs. We’ll work with you to find a sign that fits your budget and boosts your bottom line.

Permits and Regulations

High-rise signs require a permit from the municipality to be installed and displayed. Permits ensure that the sign's content is appropriate for the general public and meets all the necessary building and safety codes.

As a full-service sign company, Priority Signs & Graphics can help you navigate the permit application process too. We’ll provide the technical specifications to get your permit approved and kick-start your sign’s installation.

Start Your Own High-Rise Sign Project

In bustling urban environments, high-rise signs are practical tools for branding, advertising, and connecting with the local community. At Priority Signs & Graphics, we’re experts at creating and installing large-scale building sign projects. Our expertise and commitment to quality guarantee your high-rise sign will become a local icon in the city’s skyline.

To learn more about custom high-rise signage, give us a call to book your consultation.

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