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For any business, your storefront sign or any other sign types you use play a vital role in the local advertising and branding of your business and/or company. These signs act as ambassadors, informative or directional advisors, and most importantly, brand representatives. Potential customers and nearby consumers use these signs to navigate your location, or make a judgement on whether or not to use your services or your products. With business signs having such an important purpose to your business's growth, success, and overall branding, that means that the condition and state of your business signs contribute substantially to their efficacy and attractiveness. The quality and condition of your business sign reflects the quality and condition of your business and its services or products — so that means keeping your sign in a good state of repair is a priority for any business operator or owner.

And that’s where the sign repair services from Priority Signs and Graphics comes in. We have been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years now with a variety of sign fabrication and installation services, including affordable sign repair services that help you keep your business signs in tip-top condition. Whether it's storefront signs, directional signs, pole and pylon signs, or any other type of business sign, our team at Priority Signs and Graphics can get your sign repaired and/or refurbished, regardless of whether or not we made the sign. With affordable prices and quick turnaround times, we can provide the sign repair services that you need for your Dallas-Fort Worth business. Keep reading to learn more about the sign repair services from Priority Signs and Graphics, and how we can serve your business’s needs.

Refurbish Your Most Important Branding, With Sign Repair From Priority

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Sign Repair

For any business owner that has a storefront sign or business sign advertising their product, branding, or services, the appearance of your sign and it’s condition plays an important role in how people see the appearance and condition of your business as well. So if your business sign is in need of repair, it's not something you can really put off. Luckily, at Priority Signs and Graphics, we offer reliable and effective sign repair services, regardless if we fabricated the sign for you or not. If your sign is a couple years old and starting to show it, getting a new sign is a large investment and effective sign repair services can get your old sign looking like new, and help you save a bit of money too. Our sign experts can take a look at your sign and give you an estimate of the pricing, so if you do go through with our sign repair services, the only thing that will surprise you is how good your old sign will look after we are done!

Sign Refurbishment

Along with the sign repair services we offer to businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we also offer sign refurbishment services. Many times, an older business sign that looks a bit broken down or worn just needs some refurbishment work done to bring back the sheen, the colors, or a bit of both. And when you are operating a business on a tight budget already, affording a new sign is a big investment — especially when you can make your old sign look like new with the right sign repair company like Priority Signs and Graphics. No matter what sign type you have or whether we made it for you or not, we can offer the sign refurbishment services you need. And, if sign refurbishment or repair isn't the right option for you, our team can also fabricate a custom sign that fits your budget and your needs

Electrical Sign Repair

One of the unique sign repair services that we can offer to our customers is not only sign repair for a wide variety of standard material signs, but also electrical sign repair. An electrical sign that lights up at night can be pretty beneficial to any business, but when it is in need of repair and certain letters or sections go out, it can really hinder the ability of your electrical sign to visually support your brand. At Priority Signs and Graphics, in addition to our team of fabricators and sign repair technicians, we also have a master electrician on staff that helps out with all of our electrical sign needs. If you have an electrical sign that is in need of repair, our team at Priority can help repair the electrical issues and give you back a functional electrical sign that is ready to serve your needs.


You might have considered sign repair for your business sign, but you may still be on the fence about it. Check out the graphic below to see just how valuable a sign repair could be for your business, and how Priority Signs and Graphics can help.

Get Your Business Sign Looking Like New, With Sign Repair Services

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The right business sign or storefront sign can revolutionize the way your products and services are seen, and how effective your branding is at attracting more potential customers. But the quality of benefits that your business sign can provide is dependent on the quality and condition of the sign itself. Get the high-level benefits you deserve from your business sign or storefront sign and see how the sign repair services from Priority Signs and Graphics can serve your needs.

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