Pylon Signs vs. Monument Signs: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Dallas Business

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Outdoor signs in Dallas, TX, are powerful marketing tools. These signs increase visibility, engage new customers, announce your company to anyone passing by, and so much more. The challenge can be finding the right type of outdoor sign that suits your business needs.

If you’re unsure whether to select a custom pylon sign or a monument sign, this guide will identify which one is the right fit for you.

Choose the Right Sign for Your Location

Pylon signs and monument signs are both placed near roadways, but they serve different purposes.

The towering height of pylon signs catches drivers' attention from great distances. These signs are ideal for highways where buildings, traffic lights, and other signage won’t interfere with your sign’s visibility.

Most monument signs are installed at eye level along roads in towns and cities. These signs don’t need the immense height of pylon signs to be noticed from far away. Instead, monument signs sit at eye-level to attract attention from local traffic, whether walking or driving.

When deciding between these two types of signage, assessing your location and roadways before choosing is essential.

Know Your Target Audience

The key to effective signage is knowing your target audience and their purchasing habits.

For food, service, and retail businesses, pylon signs are a better option because many customers visit impulsively. These signs quickly communicate your core business services and encourage people to fulfill their needs.

On the other hand, monument signs are frequently used for pre-planned destinations, such as professional offices, medical buildings, and places of worship. These signs help direct people where to go and identify a business’s location.

Knowing whether your customers stop impulsively or plan before arriving at your location could determine which sign is better suited to your needs.

Take in Your Surroundings

An important question is whether you need your sign to stand out from your surroundings or enhance them. The answer could lead you to choose the right sign.

Pylon signs are one of the most popular types of outdoor signage because of their proven ability to grab people’s attention and entice action from it. Whether located in a competitive commercial area or along a bustling highway, these signs are impossible to ignore. If you need prominent signage that will stand out from its surroundings to get your business noticed, these signs are the solution for you.

As the name implies, monument signs become landmarks that enhance the natural landscape. These signs are made from stone, brick, concrete, and metal to add visual appeal to an area while communicating information. Monument signs are decorative features for resorts, hotels, banquet halls, and golf courses. Select these signs for an elegant display that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Contact Priority Signs and Graphics for Outdoor Signage

Are you wondering which outdoor sign is best for your business in Dallas, TX? Talk to one of our experts at Priority Signs & Graphics. We design, manufacture, and install all exterior signs, including pylon and monument signs. If you aren’t sure where to begin your project, we can help. Our team will assess your location and understand your business goals to provide you with tailored recommendations for the right sign.

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