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Like other outdoor signage, a monument sign is meant to make your business’s presence clear to local traffic. But this is a particularly powerful outdoor sign. It conveys an image of strength and permanence in a way that no other sign can do quite as well. A good example of this is that when you have a custom monument sign, you can design it with landscaping in mind to provide a sense of longevity.


Where to Use Monument Signs


Typically, your monument sign will be near an entrance to your property. Monument signs are great for businesses of all kinds, but especially those who find themselves in a business or industrial complex where the entrance may be unclear. They’re ideal for Fort Worth businesses that are set back from the road. If a storefront display doesn’t make sense for your space, a monument sign can have a similar impact. You’ll also often see this kind of sign in front of schools, churches, and government offices.


Types of Monument Signs in Fort Worth


Monument signs can be used to promote almost any business, service, or organization. They’re available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and illumination options, such as:

  • Architectural monument signs make stylish, impressive exterior features for your business and are made to fit with your exterior décor.
  • LED monument signs are long-lasting and durable and are excellent for businesses that need to put new messages up on their sign frequently. They’re particularly popular with schools and churches.
  • Stone and wood monument signs are great for businesses that want to look rustic, natural, or traditional.


Aside from the design and build quality, the placement of monument signs is critical for branding and advertising purposes. You need to get your sign where it can catch the most attention from passersby.


The Benefits of Monument Signs


  • Monument signage can increase sales because customers living in the area will see the signage almost every day, keeping your brand top of mind.
  • In addition to your company name, custom monument signs are a great way to display other important information, such as your phone number, email address, hours, and website.
  • Because they are built from the ground up with long-lasting materials, these signs can give you 7-10 years of great use.


Want to find out other ways a monument sign will help your business grow? Contact us at Priority Signs & Graphics for a free consultation with our monument sign experts in Fort Worth.

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