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Office lobby signs are a part of any well-organized business that's open to the public. Uses of lobby signs range from traffic control and safety notices to building your brand and driving sales. Priority Signs & Graphics is one of the most respected office lobby sign companies in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our team is expert in designing and building custom lobby signs and working your ideas into fully developed DFW office lobby signs that set your business apart.

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What Kind of Businesses Need Lobby Signs?

All kinds of businesses can do better with well-designed lobby signs. Good signage in your public-facing areas can help banks control foot traffic to the tellers and meeting areas. It can help retailers announce seasonal events and drive increased sales. You can see salons, spas, restaurants, and the like use reception signs to publicize their hours and store policies.

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How Can Lobby Signs Help Your Business?

Lobby signs do a lot for your business. You can use plain and easy to read reception signs at the front desk to direct visitors to the department they're looking for, give out a list of phone numbers or extensions, set lobby hours, or issue legal notices regarding liability and office policies. Front desk signs like this are also helpful for politely asking people to take a number or to wait for the receptionist to handle their inquiry.

Corporate lobby signs can also build your brand voice among visitors to your offices. Your logo above a grand entryway helps establish instant credibility for your company, and a fun, flashy sign close to the waiting area helps your brand strike a friendly tone. Use bright colors and imaginative graphics here to really set your public image the way you want it to be.

You can use backlit lobby signs to set a mood and achieve an environmental effect as well. 3D logo wall signs look pretty cool, and 3D lobby signs with abstract or bold relief images are unique enough that it's hard to forget them, even for casual visitors to your lobby. Banners and flags can also be used in reception areas on a short-term basis to announce special events or to encourage purchase decisions, such as a holiday sale announcement at a DFW-area car dealership. 

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Common Types of Lobby Signs

Signs for your lobby can be made in a variety of materials, sizes, and configurations. The pros at Priority Signs & Graphics make acrylic lobby signs that are affordable and easy to install, metal lobby signs that last for decades, and vinyl lobby signs you can apply without tools and move several times as your needs dictate.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Dallas Lobby Signs

Identify, customize, and install all types of lobby signs when you work with us. As one of the top office lobby sign companies in Dallas & Fort Worth (DFW), we offer a robust selection of signage sure to fulfill your needs. Don't see the type of sign you're looking for below? With comprehensive manufacturing facilities and DFW-based designers, we can bring your vision to life.

  • Acrylic Lobby Signs:- Create a professional impression with eye-catching acrylic signs. They offer the same premium look of glass but at a fraction of the cost. You can display messages, artwork, photographs, and other designs on your signs.
  • Metal Lobby Signs:- Visually imposing metal signs are a great way to enhance branding and display your business's name. Choose from aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals for a distinctive look.
  • Backlit Lobby Signs:- Attract attention with illuminated lobby signs. Backlit signs cast a stunning halo, adding to the ambiance and decor. We use LED lighting that offers impressively low operating costs.
  • Corporate Lobby Signs:- Create a professional environment with a wide selection of business names, directional and door signs, and environmental graphics. Personalize every sign to suit your branding and your decor.
  • Reception Signs:- Welcome visitors with bold, eye-catching signage that displays your business name and branding. Reception signs can make or break visitor experiences, which is why our team guides you through design, location, and installation.
  • Front Desk Signs:- Display your branding and messages on the front desk with customized signs. Get everything from tabletop signs to large business name signs under one roof.
  • 3D Logo Wall Signs:- Attract attention to your logo with large 3D lobby signs. These are ideal for building brand recognition and enhancing decor. Choose from a wide range of materials, including aluminum, acrylic, and wood, to get the appearance just right.
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Benefits and Uses of Lobby Signs

Office lobby signs can impact sales and influence customer experiences. Here's how our customers use custom lobby signs:

  • Branding the office cohesively with environmental graphics.
  • Conveying the business's identity to visitors.
  • Decorating lobbies with attractive DFW office lobby signs.
  • Unlocking marketing opportunities with vinyl signs.
  • Reducing perceived wait times with digital signs.
  • Communicating the business's vision with messages, photographs, and other graphics.
  • Ensuring a safe, accessible experience with safety signage required in Dallas-Fort Worth.
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Finding the Right Lobby Signs Near You in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Priority Signs & Graphics is the lobby sign manufacturer of choice in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX. Our customers rely on us not only for high-quality signs but also for expert advice. We can advise you on the types of signs to install, where to install them, and how to make the most of your budget.

Discuss your needs with a Dallas-Fort Worth-based signage professional to find the right sign for your business.

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Lobby Signs Near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

No matter what you need out of the signage in your lobby, we are able to help you get it. Priority Signs & Graphics is your local lobby sign manufacturer in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our experts consult with you to turn your design ideas into a practical product for your lobby and entryway. Contact us today for a free quote on your lobby signs.

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