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Upgrade Your Business’ First Impression with a New Sign

Even in the age of online marketing, your storefront sign is still crucially important for making an impression on potential customers and increasing your influence within your local sphere of businesses. There is a tremendous opportunity present when it comes to your business’ storefront sign, and if you’re not taking full advantage of this opportunity, Priority Signs and Graphics is here to help!

We’re based in Grapevine, and we offer complete storefront sign fabrication, installation, and repair through the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Wherever you are in the process — if you don’t even have a logo yet, or you have a fully realized sign you just need assistance with mounting — our team of sign installation experts is ready to help with sign installation jobs of all sizes.

Sign Installation for Businesses of All Sizes

At Priority Signs and Graphics, we have the space, the tools, and the expertise to complete sign fabrication and installation for businesses of all sizes, including wholesale sign installation for our larger regional and national customers that require a specialized approach for sign installation. We offer highly competitive pricing, and we own mobile cranes and bucket trucks that make us the ideal choice for larger installation jobs.

Whether you need assistance with design and/or installation of a storefront sign for your only business location, or you require wholesale installation for a chain of locations, we are up to the task. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help your specific needs as a business.

Priority Signs And Graphics Is Your Sign Installation Partner In DFW

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Complete Sign Design and Fabrication Services

Of course, the first step of the sign installation process is creating a sign to install. Wherever you are in the design process — whether you already have an existing sign you need installed or you’re still creating your branding and logo — our team can provide the service you require to ensure a striking storefront sign is in your business’ near future.


Never underestimate the importance of your company’s branding. Your branding is much more than just a simple logo — a well designed branding scheme can set your business apart from the competition, ensure your business sticks in the mind of potential customers, and communicate the mission and values of your company.

It all starts with a great design to begin with, and if your current branding is not up to your standards, our design team can lend their expertise to create a new logo or assist with a rebranding effort. We’ve been helping businesses design signs for more than 10 years, and we can't wait to assist on your branding — visit our design services page to learn more about how we can help.


Branding ideas are very important, but they don’t mean much until they become a reality! What sets us apart at Priority Signs and Graphics is our ability to complete the entire process in-house at our centrally-located 9,000 square foot warehouse in Grapevine. Whether you want a large metal sign with sharply contrasted lettering, an eye-catching neon sign, a large pole graphic to ensure your business is noticed by passersby, or nearly any other type of sign to represent your business, we provide the custom sign service you require.

When you work with us, you’re not limited by any constraints when it comes to custom sign fabrication. We have in-house welding stations, lettering machines, printing equipment, laser engraving equipment, and much more to ensure no job is beyond the capabilities of our team.

We also provide ongoing sign maintenance and repair services as required, to ensure your sign remains in excellent condition for years down the line.

Sign Installation Services Tailored To Your Business

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Sign Installation Services

Obtaining Permits

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner without dealing with city building and zoning codes for your new sign. That’s why our team employs on-staff permit technicians to handle all regulations and ensure your sign is code-compliant when it comes to placement, sizing, lighting, and all other considerations. We complete the process of securing a sign permit application, and obtaining a variance in the rare case your application is denied.

One way or another, our team will ensure your sign is ready to be installed and that its compliance is one less thing you have to stress about. Visit our Permit page to learn more about how the process works.


Whether your sign is coming freshly fabricated from our warehouse or you have a sign on-hand and simply need help securing it to its location on your property, our team has the tools to complete the installation safely, securely, and professionally. Depending on the size and scope of your sign installation process, it is often a job that is impossible to complete without the right team and set of tools. We own cranes, bucket trucks, and the other large equipment required for large-scale custom signage jobs. No sign and no job is too large for Priority Signs and Graphics!

Expertise for All Sign Varieties

As a business, you have many different ways to get your brand name out there and make an impact with your signage. Our team has the skill and expertise to install any type of business sign, including:


  • Building signs

  • Poly & pylon signs

  • Storefront signs

  • Digital & vinyl graphics

  • Digital message centers

  • Monument signs

  • Directional & wayfinding signs

  • Interior signs

Whether your sign will require electrical wiring, set up for digital display, or it simply requires a solid mount upon your business, our team is capable of completing the job with expertise.


A properly installed and maintained sign can perform an important marketing role for your business for years to come, and it's not a job you should trust to just anyone. Priority Signs and Graphics has more than 10 years of experience providing the highest-quality storefront sign services to local businesses, and our team is ready to help your business meet its needs for sign installation and much more.

We’d love to work with you on creating a fresh new look for your business in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and all across the country, and we have the expertise to make it happen. When you work with Priority Signs & Graphics, you’re getting the precision and attention to detail of a smaller, boutique shop with the muscle and power of a large manufacturing company. And, since we make everything in-house, we have complete control of the process. No outsourcing, no worrying about somebody else doing it wrong. We make it our priority to get your job done right.

Get in touch with our team today for a quote on custom sign installation in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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