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Grapevine Sign Permits Secured Here

Signs are an integral aspect of businesses and their buildings. Without a sign, your business is practically nameless, faceless, and invisible. At Priority Signs & Graphics we are here to aid your company with the best signs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. However, one thing stands in the way of instantly giving your business a facelift: building sign permits. Continue reading to learn more!

Why You Need One

It is very important that your building be well-marked with identifying signage at all entry points. Your signs should be easy to read, even from a distance, and convey the message of who you are and what your company does. Without great signage, you can get lost in the mix of both competition and the Grapevine community. With the help of our team at Priority Signs & Graphics, you can stand out with top-quality signs that pop. But, before you can do this, you need a permit.

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How Permits Work

Before you publicly display any information to advertise your business, you must have legal permission. With authorization, you can install or attach display signs with words, symbols, and pictures that publicize your business. Additionally, building sign permits also allow you to relocate an existing sign and remodel your existing signage.


How To Get a Building Sign Permit

To kick off your sign installation, you need to navigate the necessary channels of compliance. That’s where our team at Priority Signs & Graphics comes in. We will deal with the city so you don’t have to. With a staff of sign permit technicians, we not only acquire a building sign permit, but we also ensure that your sign meets the regulations of your zoning codes.

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How We Get Approved

At Priority Signs & Graphics, we know where to turn, what to fill out, and how to receive the building sign permit you need. Our sign permit technicians will send your business’s sign designs to your landlord and have them delivered to your city with a sign permit application. After your permit is approved, the city may require us to pick up the permit at City Hall. If our application is denied, we have the skills to confidently obtain a variance.


When you work with Priority Signs & Graphics, you are choosing a dedicated team who will work on your behalf to go through pre-installation sign inspections, an abundance of paperwork, and more, all for your business’s success. Schedule a consultation today to kick off the permit and sign installation process!

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