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What Are the Advantages of Channel Letters and Their Usage?

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We did a spot check of the signage of some of Texas' biggest companies. Here's what we found: most use channel letters at their headquarters and locations around the state. GE has an attractive metal dimensional letter sign, while Schlumberger uses a more low-key letter design. Consumer-facing brands Pizza Hut and Shell use letter signs extensively at their locations.

Find out why these businesses use these signs, and the advantages different types of channel letter signs can offer your business.

What Are Channel Letters?

Are you exploring business signage and wondering what channel letters are? Channel letter signs are some of the most eye-catching signs you will find. These signs are individually prepared letters and symbols, each illuminated by vibrant lighting.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are some of the most customizable signs around. From the size and style to lighting configuration and material, you can personalize virtually every aspect of the sign. However, the biggest differentiating feature of letter signs is the illumination. There are four main types:

Front-Lit: Light shines from within the interior of the sign and is visible through the translucent sign face. It gives the sign a neat look and is best for maximizing legibility.

Backlit: Light shines from the rear of the sign, bounces off the wall, and creates a halo effect. It's a stunning look that creates an upscale atmosphere.

Combination-Lit: Both the front and rear of the sign are illuminated. This combination unlocks more design options and makes for an attention-grabbing sign.

Open-Face: Here, the light shines from the front of the sign, but there's no sign face between the sign and the bulbs. It's an eye-catching design, but it is only suitable for some spaces.

How to Make Channel Letter Signs

We've discussed the process of how to make channel letter signs extensively. Here's the abridged version:

  • Creating and finalizing the sign's design.
  • Printing and producing the sign's housing (including body and acrylic inserts).
  • Installing LED lighting in the sign.
  • Testing to see if the lighting operates as intended and provides the desired look.
  • Closing the sign and weather-sealing it.
  • Quality control to ensure the sign is fully operational and sealed.
  • Installing the sign at the customer's premises.

Benefits and Uses of Channel Letters

There are many reasons to get channel and dimensional letters for your premises:

  1. Displaying the business's name prominently and enhancing brand awareness with customized designs.
  2. Making a strong impression on visitors with personalized, premium signs.
  3. Attracting attention with eye-catching designs for outdoor signs.
  4. Enhancing the business's visibility with illuminated signs and advertising your presence 24/7.
  5. Raising customer experiences and increasing sales with attractive indoor channel letters.
  6. Replacing older signage and experiencing up to 10% increase in revenues.
  7. Reducing operating costs with LED lighting, which is around eight times more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and lasts up to 30 times longer.

Install Channel Letter Signs That Deliver Real Business Impact

Priority Signs & Graphics is the go-to signage team in Dallas for channel letters. Work with experienced designers and expert craftspeople to bring stunning signs to life. As a full-service sign company, we handle design, production, installation, and maintenance.

Book a free consultation to get started.

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