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The use of aluminum for signage began in earnest with the Industrial Revolution. Since aluminum and metal were so plentiful at the time, many businesses began to use aluminum for signage, as it could be had sometimes more readily than wood. This grew throughout the end of the nineteenth century and through the beginning of the twentieth century when plastic signs began to take precedence. Priority Signs & Graphics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area offers aluminum and metal signs for your needs. Get in touch today.

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Custom aluminum sign on wall installed by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth

Benefits of Aluminum and Metals Signs

Aluminum and metals signs are everywhere and for good reason. Aluminum is one of the strongest materials, and it's rigid, so it can withstand the force of high winds and hail. It is lightweight, and you can customize its thickness to meet your needs. Aluminum is also very affordable, which commercial business owners love. Plus, aluminum signs offer a very polished, professional, finished look, making them great outdoor and indoor signs. They make great outdoor signs since they resist weather and won't fall down easily, and indoors you can use aluminum signs for customer directions and more. Priority Signs & Graphics in DFW can help you choose your aluminum sign design. Call today.

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Industries That Use Aluminum Signs For Business

  • Small businesses

  • Car dealerships

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Warehouses

  • Oil refineries

  • Restaurants

  • Construction companies

  • Municipalities

  • Hospitals and doctor's offices

  • Real estate

  • And more

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Aluminum letter box made by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth
Aluminum lobby sign of Stearns made by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth

Types of Aluminum And Metals Signs

The Most Popular Types of Aluminum Signs in Dallas, TX

Standard aluminum is an inexpensive yet highly impressive metal for signs. Its simple elegance and versatility make this a fantastic option for those who prefer something that is not complicated to work with.

If  you prefer something that is more visually impactful, here are a few of the best options you can choose from:

  • Brushed Aluminum Signs: These signs are not pre-painted white, unlike standard metals. Instead, we brush one side of the aluminum to reveal an undeniably beautiful natural matte look. Although we typically install them indoors, you can have them affixed outside. Brushed custom metal signs with your logo have the perfect professional appeal, which is why many offices use them to label important rooms and areas in their space.
  • Reflective Aluminum Signs: These signage solutions are great if you want maximum visibility even at night since light reflects on their surface. For printed signs, your designs will not be affixed to the metal surface. Instead, we print them on special reflective vinyl overlays that have adhesive backings. These are commonly used as parking signs, roadside directional signs, and warning signs.

To learn more about which kind of sign works best for your company, get in touch with one of our seasoned specialists to learn more.

  • Standard aluminum

  • Brushed aluminum

  • Custom aluminum

  • Reflective aluminum

  • Outdoor aluminum

  • Alumalite

  • Dibond

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Care of Custom Metal and Aluminum Signs

When you provide regular care and maintenance to your metal aluminum sign, you will extend its lifespan. All you really need is some soapy water and a cloth, or you can use a streak-free cleaning solution, such as a glass cleaner. Simply wipe down the sign and scrub where needed. This will prevent dirt, grime, mud, and bird poop from harming your signs, which can corrode. Plus, they will be more visible and look more professional, which is extremely important for commercial business signs in Dallas, TX. For long-lasting, beautiful metal signs, get in touch with our Fort Worth sign company today.

Custom Metal Signs in Dallas: A Must-Have for Your Establishment

Are you planning to open a new business or improve your on-location marketing efforts? Custom aluminum signs are all-around visual communication and marketing tools that add value to your business. They are lightweight, easy to cut and mold, effortless to install, and a breeze to maintain. At Priority Signs & Graphics, we use a wide variety of metals, depending on your needs, budget, and expectations. These metals include aluminum, Corten, and stainless steel.

Corten is a steel alloy material that is resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and can be used outdoors for a long time, making it ideal for reserved parking signs. However, many of our clients prefer aluminum business signs since they are impressively waterproof and resilient to inclement weather.

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Design of Aluminum Signs

Many customers come to us with an idea for a sign, which we absolutely love. Our creative team loves to partner with Dallas/Fort Worth residents and business owners to bring their vision to life. We spend some time getting to know you and your brand. Then we draw out your metal sign design and present it to you for approval. Once the final design is complete, we'll get to work manufacturing it. Then, we'll install your aluminum sign easy-peasy. The sky's the limit for your aluminum sign design. Contact us today.

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Creating laser cut metal signs at Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas, TX
Aluminum plaque sign for Supreme Lending made by Priority Signs & Graphics Company in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Uses of Metal & Aluminum Signage for Dallas Businesses

You'll find metal & aluminum signs all around Dallas, TX. They are great for outdoor use since they can be reflective, which makes them easy to see at night. They are used as traffic signs and as wayfinding signs. Plus, aluminum signs are great for offering directions. Safety signs, such as those marking slip, trip, or fall hazards, or those giving drivers directions, are most often made from aluminum because they can be vibrant in color. Let us craft your perfect sign today.

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Where Can I Find the Best Metal Signs for Business in Dallas?

Priority Signs & Graphics is your trusted local signage company that supplies a wide variety of printed marketing tools for various establishments. We are comprised of highly dynamic and hardworking signage specialists who go above and beyond in every project that we work on. We don’t just offer professional installation, fabrication, and design services. Our Dallas team also provides expert branding, permitting, and delivery solutions so that you have more time to run your business instead of worrying about the signage.

Throughout the sign-making process, we always make sure not to miss any important details, regardless of how small they are. Since we don’t take shortcuts, you can feel confident that your visual marketing investments are in the hands of professionals.

Are you ready to invest in high-quality metal outdoor business signs? Book a consultation with us today! Call us or contact us online.

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Call Us For Custom Metal & Aluminum Signs in DFW Today

Our local sign company has been serving Dallas and Fort Worth for years, ensuring residents and business owners have the best branded and perfect metal & aluminum signage for their use. Name place signs work, and when consumers see your business sign, they may swing by. In today's world, the last thing you want is a customer to have a hard time finding your business, even using GPS. Aluminum signs make great nameplates for homes, and they are perfect to craft a custom project to give to a friend. Reach out to Priority Signs & Graphics today.

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Freaquently Asked Questions

What are aluminum signs?
Aluminum metal signs are fantastic visual communication tools that have many applications in your establishment, such as labeling rooms and indicating directional cues. They can be engraved or cut and shaped into three-dimensional letter signs. Because of their durability and longevity, your aluminum business signs can be installed indoors or outdoors.
Do aluminum signs rust?
No, they don’t. Commercial aluminum signs are known to be incredibly resistant to rust and other forms of minor damage. Other metal signs need special layers of protective coating to prevent oxidation due to repeated exposure to moisture. However, that is not the case for aluminum because it is naturally rust-proof.
Are aluminum signs weatherproof?
Yes, aluminum metal signs can withstand inclement weather for a long time before they start showing signs of damage. If you want to extend their lifespan even more, regular maintenance can help maintain the pristine condition of your signage. Talk to one of our trusted representatives today to learn more.
What gauge metal is used for signs?
Priority Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of gauge sizes when making our custom aluminum signs. Most of them are fabricated from 16- gauge, 11- gauge, or 14- gauge metal. The general rule of thumb when speaking of gauge thickness is that the higher the number, the thinner the material.
How much does it cost to make metal signs?
There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of metal business signs. It includes the signage type, materials used, unique labor requirements, installation type, lighting style, complexity of the design, level of customization, and more. Please get in touch with one of our representatives today to get a free quote.
What metal is best for outdoor signs?
Raceways and wireways are two different methods of mounting your channel letters if you don’t want to install them flush into the structure. A raceway is a rectangular mount that may jut out, while wireways are smaller and less obtrusive. Raceways, however, are easier to mount and unmount, whereas wireways take a bit more effort.Dibond is a fantastic material because of its superior resilience against outdoor elements. It is composed of a plastic core that is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. Aluminum is another excellent choice because it is naturally rust-proof and weather-resistant. Talk to us today to learn about your other options.
How can you tell if something is stainless steel or aluminum?
One of the easiest ways to differentiate these metals is by simply observing their overall appearance. Aluminum is known to have a dull texture with a gray hue, whereas stainless steel is shinier and looks almost similar to silver. If you touch them, you will notice that stainless steel is heavy and sturdy, while aluminum is lightweight.
What do you use for aluminum signs?
When manufacturing signs, the 3003 variant is the most common form of aluminum alloy that we use. This is a commercially pure aluminum and manganese, which increases the structural integrity by about 20 percent over that of the 1100 grade. In other words, it has all the qualities of the 1100 variant, but with a much greater strength.
How long do metal signs last?
Commercial metal signs are incredibly durable visual marketing tools. When installed outdoors, their average lifespan is three years. As for indoor metal signs, they last even longer since they are not exposed to harsh rain, sunlight, and pollution. Give us a call today to learn more about their proper care and maintenance.
What type of aluminum is used for signs?
Standard aluminum is the most common material used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor signs.
On the other hand, reflective aluminum is typically utilized for parking signs, roadside directional signs, and safety signs. However, brushed aluminum is often used in lobbies, conference rooms, and other areas inside the facility because of its timeless and refined visual appeal.

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