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Signs are an invention as old as human culture itself. The symbolism and ability to communicate with signage has truly provided for the effective development of human society. Whether it was sign posts that directed weary travelers to the closest town, or the first taverns that used signs to craft their brand to local clientele, signs have been ingrained in the growth and development of human society since the beginning. Nowadays, signs still serve an incredibly important role, especially outdoor signs that are often meant to inform the general public, whether it’s directing traffic on a highway, or creating reserved spaces for the disadvantaged and handicapped among us. Priority Signs and Graphics is proud to have been a part of this critical culture aspect, providing a variety of signs to Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, from building signs, to pole and pylon signs, to digital and vinyl graphics, to directional and wayfinding signs. Keep reading to learn a bit more about the types of outdoor signs we have at Priority Signs and Graphics, and how they can provide for you and your business.

Types of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage can serve a variety of purposes, but like all signs, their main purpose is to gather attention, and provide information or awareness to the public regarding a space or business. This can include highway signs that indicate which lane goes towards which destination, or handicapped parking signs that both instruct and caution potential non-handicapped parkers. Keep reading to learn more about the types of outdoor signs that you might need, and how Priority Signs and Graphics can create them for you.

Roadway Signs

There are an almost overwhelming amount of outdoor signs on our roads and highways, but they provide a critical sense of direction that keeps traffic moving and people safe, like any stoplight might. While some larger highway signs are the responsibility of the city planners, other outdoor roadway signs, like those designating where cars can and cannot perform certain actions, can be created and installed where they might be needed. For example, a pullout from your business might have a median separating the two directional lanes of traffic, but a driver might notice the median until it is too late. An outdoor sign by the pullout that shows a left turn with a red slash through it can provide some critical information to a driver that will inform drivers of important information, and make the roadway around the business safer.

Handicapped Signs

We have all seen the classic blue sign with an illustration of a handicapped individual, signifying a handicapped parking space or handicap accessible area. These outdoor signs have become more important as the awareness, acceptance, and support for individuals with disabilities has increased over the decade. These signs are somewhat unique as they both inform and prohibit depending on the person. For those who are handicapped and require a parking spot as close to your business as possible, the blue outdoor sign is an informative indicator that shows them the most accessible parking spot reserved for their needs. For those who are not handicapped, these outdoor signs inform them of the reserved purpose of the area or parking space, and also cautions them to leave these areas free and unaffected, as they are important for those with handicapped needs.

Directional Indicators

Even with a GPS supercomputer in our pockets at all times, nothing beats a simple outdoor sign post with a direction pointing to where you need to go. It worked hundreds of years ago on forks in the road with horse-led carriages, and it still works in the modern day, with cars and walkways. It could be a sign near a drive-thru entrance, indicating where you need to loop around in order to enter the drive-thru. Or it could be an outdoor signpost on a sidewalk path, like at a university, with multiple faces pointing towards multiple directions, directing passersby to the location they are looking for. For a business owner, it could be as simple as a sign on the side of the main road that points to where your business is.

Business and Location Signage

One of the most common and effective uses of outdoor signs is for the indication of a business or location for passersby. It could be a bright reflective sign that shows the entrance to a parking garage, or a large neon sign on a pylon outside of your business. These types of signs are attention grabbing, whether they are trying to help you find the front door after your GPS has taken you 99% of the way, or whether they are trying to entice you to check them out as you drive past them on the highway. They could be as simple as a “parking entrance” or a complex design of your business's brand, with bright flashing lights that ensures eyes will be caught.

Outdoor Signs Dallas, TX - Priority Signs and Graphics

As you can see, there are a variety of types of outdoor signage that offer a variety of different benefits, as they serve different purposes. Whatever your business or signage needs may be, our team at Priority Signs and Graphics can craft the perfect outdoor sign for your business or area. We have been crafting high-quality signs for businesses all around the Dallas and Fort Worth area for years now, and we want to offer our services to you. Contact us today and see how we can help you!


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