November 1, 2023

Storefront Sign Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

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If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing strategy, it's a great idea to consider designing new signage that considers the design trends that are successful and impactful in today’s market. Capture the attention of your target audience more effectively by understanding what they are attracted to and implementing techniques that they are influenced by.

Discover the trending storefront sign designs here, as well as the benefits that each of these ideas offers your business as a bonus.

Environmentally Conscious Storefront Signs

With the general population shifting towards a more sustainable life, transitioning this perspective into business circumstances is important. This is why investing in signage for your storefront that is environmentally conscious is a huge trend!

Signage that uses low-quality or short-term materials, such as paper, untreated wood, or glass, or that is used for temporary purposes, with no intention of reuse, is out. On the other hand, signage that is long-lasting is made with high-quality materials, and can be recycled when a company no longer needs it is in!

Keep It Minimal

While there was a time when vivid colors, vibrant designs, and unusually creative sign solutions were all the rage, businesses are shifting to adopt a more minimalist design approach. From fine line designs to neutral colors, storefront signs are classic, clean, and chic. They stand out amongst louder signage by emphasizing their professionalism and letting their products or services speak for themselves. Catch the attention of your target audience by keeping it simple and minimal; offer your business as a place of calm among the busy aesthetics of your competitors.

Enter the Modern Age with Digital Storefront Signs

As technology continually advances, businesses are beginning to more readily adopt technological innovation into their marketing strategies. Digital signs offer many advantages that traditional signage cannot, such as being able to change the messaging, images, or videos displayed as many times as you would like. Instead of having to invest in new signage each time an update is made, renew the advertisements showcased on your digital storefront signs with the click of a button.

While this type of signage requires a more substantial investment up front, it attracts more customer attention with movement and illumination, allows greater versatility in your displayed ads, and increases the chances of memorable impressions. These advantages make the investment worthwhile due to a boosted ROI.

Work with a Trusted Signage Company

If you have found a trending design idea that stands out to you and aligns with your business’s brand, it’s time to find a signage company who can bring it to life.

Luckily for you, Priority Signs and Graphics is an excellent, full-service sign shop that is always ready to leap into action. We understand the importance of signage for a business’s marketing efforts, as well as the additional advantages that trending designs offer.

With the help of our talented team, we will learn more about your business and your signage needs, so that we can design, produce, and install your ideal sign.

Contact us today to book your consultation or to speak with one of our signage specialists.

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