September 10, 2023

Safety First: Enhancing Workplace Security With Custom Safety Signs and Labels

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Safety signs and labels might not be at the top of your list when deciding which visual communication tools to invest in, but they are incredibly important. Although they are not directly promoting your business, they help create an environment that will be enticing to customers and employees because they will feel safe and valued. Listed below are some of the safety signage that we produce.

ADA Signs

The usage of these special accessibility tools is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act to aid those individuals suffering from disabilities, such as visual impairment. There are universal guidelines that the signage must follow to ensure they accommodate all disabilities. For example, they must have non-glaring surfaces, contrasting text and background colors, simple fonts, and universal graphics.

When customers see your ADA signs, they will have the impression that the company is not only professional and legally compliant, but also cares about the overall safety, convenience, and wellness of their customers, regardless of their disabilities.

Door Signs

These visual communication tools typically indicate that certain individuals can only access said area or that there must be proof of identification before one is allowed to enter. By putting door signs up, unauthorized people cannot gain access to your space, including important items, such as product stocks and confidential reports.

A-Frame Signs

These portable signs are typically used to tell people that the floor is wet or that they should watch their steps. Sometimes, they also provide friendly reminders, such as the importance of keeping distance and properly queueing. What’s great about these tools is that you can use them anywhere in the establishment, indoors or outdoors, they are incredibly long-lasting, and they are a cost-effective sign solution.

Custom Parking Signs

As the name implies, these visual communication tools indicate that there is allocated space for customers, delivery men, and employees to park their vehicles. Sometimes, these signs also display prohibitions for those who want to park in certain areas.

Putting custom parking signs promotes safety because people’s vehicles will not be towed or damaged due to ongoing construction in the area. It also promotes the safety and convenience of disabled individuals because sometimes vehicles block the pathways that are meant for these people.

Photoluminescent Floor Signs

These visual communication tools provide simple and easy-to-follow directions to improve the flow of customers inside the facility. For example, these signs can say ‘This Way to the Furniture Section’ or ‘This Way to the Restroom’.

Emergency Safety Signs

Disasters and emergency situations are not avoidable. However, we can always do things that can help reduce or prevent further casualties or injuries. One of the ways to do this is by putting up emergency safety signage. They typically indicate floor plans, LED exit signs, photoluminescent wayfinding cues, and safety reminders.

Where Can I Find the Best Manufacturer of Safety Signs in TX?

Priority Signs & Graphics is among the top-rated, full-service signage companies in the area. We pride ourselves on creating visual communication tools that are high-quality, hardwearing, effective, and memorable. From using top-grade materials to incorporating foolproof installation techniques, you can count on us to give you nothing but the best.

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