Interior Sign Options

Can interior signs make an impact? Of course they can! Humans are naturally drawn to contrasting colors; interior signs are frequently viewed in places where the contrast in colors is evident. We are innately interested in these things, and our eyes are instinctively drawn to them. Interior signs, then, can make a huge impact.


What can interior signs be used for? Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Indicating rest rooms

  • Demonstrating how a door is opened

  • Designating certain areas of a bar, restaurant, gym, clothing store, department store, etc.

  • Locating baby changing areas

  • Indicating customer service areas

  • Showing where lactation rooms are located

  • Giving simple directions (“pull”, “push”, etc.)

  • Attracting attention to a particular feature or interest area of a business

You get the idea. It’s probably easier to come up with a very short list of where interior signs are not helpful than it is to list where they are! Interior signs are functionally useful and, when made well, can attract the attention you want to have focused on your business as well as give your business a kind of voice or tone that your prospective customers will pick up on and tune into.

At Priority Signs & Graphics we make all kinds of interior signs. We have a master electrician on staff full-time to ensure we are designing and building lighted signs safely and with integrity. We make beautiful, stylish signs for your home, business or elsewhere. We want to make sure your sign is made precisely the way you want it. Our job is to bring your vision to life.

Interior signs can realistically be made of pretty much anything, but having the experience of a time-tested design and manufacturing team that does everything from start to finish in-house gives you an edge over the competition. We design and craft beautiful signs that keep our clients coming back for more. Won’t you join us?

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