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For any business, a crucial aspect of attracting more customers and growing your brand is a high-quality storefront sign. It's the first thing that anyone sees before they enter your business, and it may even be the visual that attracted them into your business in the first place. It shows off your logo, your branding, oftentimes the service you provide, and adds an aura of designed and branded professionalism to the facade of your business property. But even for all the benefits that a storefront sign can provide, choosing the right storefront sign is no easy task. There are a variety of types, materials, and purposes that can affect what type of storefront sign you choose, as well as it’s efficacy at advertising your brand and bringing in customers. For a design choice this important to the aesthetic of your business, you need a trusted sign company with plenty of experience.

That’s where Priority Signs and Graphics comes in. We have been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area with high quality storefront signs and business signage for years, and we have the selection, the team, and the dedication to help you choose the right storefront sign for your business. Our team will work diligently to understand your business model, the services you offer, and how a high-end storefront sign can show off the quality of your business and your brand to current customers, as well as potential ones in the area. From consultation to design to fabrication, Priority Signs and Graphics can do it all when it comes to storefront signs for businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Keep reading to learn more about what a storefront sign can offer to your business, and how to choose the best one to fit your needs.

Consider Your Business
Consider Your Brand
Sign Choices: Where to Start
Types of Storefront Signs

Consider Your Business

The first and probably most important step of choosing the right storefront sign is considering the specific characteristics of your business, and how you can best amplify your business's strengths while minimizing its weaknesses through a high quality storefront sign that represents your brand.

Services or Products

An important aspect of your business to consider is the services you offer. There are a wide variety of businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, from ice cream shops and hardware stores to mechanics and specialty restaurants, and the product or service they provide to their customers is what determines the needs of their business and branding. For those businesses offering more unique quality products like food or electronics, their focus might be on showing off specific products or dishes that are popular, and branding their business around those products. For businesses who offer services, they might look to focus more on advertising and design, as they are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors, and catch the eyes of more potential customers. Only you really know the staples your business thrives on, and how best to grow your brand, but a storefront sign that supports those staples and branding will be much more effective.


The location of your business is another important aspect to consider. A storefront sign like the ones we offer at Priority Signs and Graphics will hang somewhere on the front facade of your business property, probably somewhere above the front door. Part of choosing the right storefront sign for your business is considering how customers will interact with it most often, and the location of your business will be the biggest determining factor for their exposure to it. For instance, if your building is in a shopping mall, you might be looking for a durable metal sign that can handle the elements as well as catch the eyes of a passerby. If your building is close to the highway, you might be looking for a neon sign to advertise your brand at night, even when your business is closed. The possibilities are endless and the location of your business is important to narrowing down the search.


The typical customers you serve are maybe some of the most important parts of considering your business and what it needs. Any business can make the best products or offer the best services, but unless they cater to the right customers, they won’t succeed. When selecting the right storefront sign for your business, consider the demographic and interest of your customers, and how a storefront sign can best accommodate their needs. If it’s mostly senior citizens, maybe try to avoid a storefront sign with any fine print. If it’s mostly children with their parents, a storefront sign that looks fun and engaging will have kids begging their parents to come into your business. If your business survives on reliable service for industry professionals, reflect your business’s own professionalism with a minimalist and striking storefront sign.


Consider the needs of your business
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Consider Your Brand

Now that you have considered your business property and how a storefront sign can best serve it, you have to consider your brand, and how your storefront sign can best exemplify and advertise your brand. There are a variety of brand characteristics and themes that you can use to embody your business and the customer experience, and your storefront sign should reflect those values instantaneously. Looking to service industry professionals with quick and no-nonsense work? You will want a brand that is strong, straightforward, and reliable, and a durable metal storefront sign with a minimalist design that can represent that brand. Looking to serve delicious meals that come with a homemade-feel? You might look to create a brand that is homey, rustic, and comforting, and a swinging wooden sign with delicate font and features can portray exactly that.

The main purpose your brand serves is to create a cohesive feeling and experience for customers, and you want that feeling and experience to start before they even enter the door. A high-quality storefront sign that sits above your entrance can do just that. It’s the first thing that many potential customers will see, and it will essentially be your brand representative that visually dictates the accolades and consumer experience of your business. That means you want the highest-quality materials, the most striking and relevant design, and a trusted team that can consult and fabricate the sign that you need to represent your brand. And if that is what you’re looking for, then you need a storefront sign from Priority Signs and Graphics.

Sign Choices: Where to Start


The first and probably most important thing you need to consider for your storefront sign is the purpose of it. Are you looking to beautify the aesthetic of your business’s storefront? Are you looking to attract more passerby customers? Are you looking to advertise your business more, even during the nighttime? The purpose of a storefront sign and your expectations of what it will bring to your business are a critical consideration that you need to know before you get started on the actual storefront sign itself.


Once you have determined the purpose of your storefront sign, the next thing to do is determine the best material for that purpose, as well as for your specific building location. A durable metal sign will last for a long time and give some design options, while a neon sign will cost some money to operate, but give you free advertising in the nighttime. A wooden storefront sign will look rustic and local, but might degrade more easily over time. In the end, only you understand the nuances of your specific business location, as well as the needs your storefront sign should be fulfilling, so just take the time to consider how the storefront sign material will play a role in that.


Once you have decided on the purpose and material of your storefront sign, the next thing to consider is the style of your storefront sign, and how exactly it will sit and be used on your storefront . There are a variety of storefront sign types, from 3D metal lettering, to hanging boards that swing, to neon signs and more. As you consult and consider the material and purpose, the style should come more naturally, as you have already determined what you are looking for, but be sure to consider things like how the sunlight hits it, the best direction that the sign can be read from, and how big the sign will be depending on which space or group you would like to see it the most.


The final step (and probably the most fun step) is consulting and solidifying the design of your storefront logo and branding for the sign itself. This gives you an opportunity to revitalize a well-known brand, or visually revolutionize a new brand. The design what people will remember the most, and it should only make them think of your business and the service or product that can provide them. With a quality design, you can catch the attention of potential customers, as well as assure current customers of your quality and service. And with our team of talented designers at Priority Signs and Graphics, we can consult with you and create a variety of design mock-ups for you to consider, to ensure that the final design is what

Customize everything about your storefront sign

from material to style to design
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Types of Storefront Signs

There are a wide variety of storefront sign types to consider out in the world, and our designers and fabricators will approach each job with the nuance and understanding it needs in order to get the exact storefront sign of your dreams. View this list of storefront sign types, and see if you see anything specific that you would like.

Storefront Signs in Dallas-Fort Worth - Priority Signs and Graphics

When it comes to choosing the right storefront sign for your business, there are a lot of things to consider, maybe more things than you anticipated. But the right storefront sign can revolutionize the way customers see your business, and therefore the way your business operates. Whether it's exuding professionalism, attracting new customers, or simply adding to the branding aesthetic of your business, a storefront sign is a crucial must-have for any business owner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And luckily, Priority Signs and Graphics is here to provide for them. We offer everything from consultation to design to fabrication and more. Contact us today and get a quote for your storefront sign now!

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