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Why First Impressions Matter In Business


For any business owner looking to improve their profits and develop their brand, a crucial element of that process is attracting more consumers and growing the exposure of your business. Many companies try to approach this in a variety of ways, from online advertising to discounts and promotions to even sign-spinners on the road. There are a number of approaches, but the end goal is the same: attract the eyes and minds of potential customers in your area, and secure their business with the quality of your service and brand. And as much as other approaches will offer, a quality storefront sign is the first and probably the most important step to achieving that. Whether it's attracting local consumers with its quality and brightly-lit design, or it's offering your business an opportunity to rebrand into a more modern brand aesthetic, a storefront sign is the first line of attack for the fight to develop your business’s brand, and improve your profits.

That's why Priority Signs and Graphics is proud to offer some of the best storefront signs in all of...


A crucial goal of any business is to increase the number of customers that want their product, as well as attract the most potential customers with their branding. Whether you're a small “Mom and Pop” store in a rural area, or a massive corporation located in the middle of a bustling city, the goal is essentially the same: increase revenue by attracting and converting more customers. This is especially true for small businesses, as the small business market is quite ruthless and you need to progress and improve in order to survive and thrive. While it might not seem like much, a high-quality storefront sign plays a critical role in both attracting new customers and converting potential customers, both of which are a necessity for improving revenue and growing your business.

For businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that's where Priority Signs and Graphics come in. If you're going to take advantage of the benefits and branding that a storefront sign can provide to your business, you need to get a storefront sign that showcases quality,...


As America and much of global society has grown and expanded over the past decades, the influx of different specialty businesses and local service providers has only grown. There is a store or a company for just about anything now. It could be a local family-owned shop providing a widespread yet necessary service, or a niche company that is pushing the boundaries of what we expect to be able to purchase and utilize as consumers. While some of these services and businesses like plumbers or electricians have been a necessity to the local community for more than a few decades, other businesses have latched onto current trends, or attempted to diversify and improve a common service.

No matter what your specific lifestyle entails regarding the services and companies you give your money to, every company and business serves a unique and important purpose to their local community. And that's exactly how we feel about the service we provide at Priority Signs and Graphics in Dallas-Fort Worth. No matter how modern society changes and shifts, no matter how the...


Signs are an invention as old as human culture itself. The symbolism and ability to communicate with signage has truly provided for the effective development of human society. Whether it was sign posts that directed weary travelers to the closest town, or the first taverns that used signs to craft their brand to local clientele, signs have been ingrained in the growth and development of human society since the beginning. Nowadays, signs still serve an incredibly important role, especially outdoor signs that are often meant to inform the general public, whether it’s directing traffic on a highway, or creating reserved spaces for the disadvantaged and handicapped among us. Priority Signs and Graphics is proud to have been a part of this critical culture aspect, providing a variety of signs to Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, from building signs, to pole and pylon signs, to digital and vinyl graphics, to directional and wayfinding signs. Keep reading to learn a bit more about the types of outdoor signs we have at Priority Signs and Graphics, and how they can provide...

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Electrical signs are beautiful: sharp, contrasting, they stand out by their very nature and draw attention long past sunset when all of the other signs have basically gone to sleep for the day. They bring awareness to your Dallas-Fort Worth area business without you even knowing it as up to thousands of people see your electrical sign for your business and can now readily identify it when they are in need of any goods or services you offer. They’re an awesome option in terms of signage for the DFW area, and we love them here at Priority Signs & Graphics.

Electrical signs can seem like pretty tricky business, though, and a risky proposition. Some business owners may not want to venture into the fickle realm of electricity in terms of sign options for a number of concerns: driving up utility bills, worries about flickering or parts of the sign not lighting properly, or concerns about upkeep and maintenance. To make sure you don’t have to worry about any of these problems, Priority Signs & Graphics is here to help....


Have you ever wanted to have your car painted in an awesome color without committing to a brand new paint job? What about putting flames on its hood or adding an amazing design on its body? Maybe you are wondering how you can maximize advertising for your business? All of these ideas and many more end up being great reasons to get a custom car wrap. We’ll go over some of the best reasons in this post today.

A car wrap is a vinyl covering that is applied over your car’s paint job. They have become increasingly popular and therefore increasingly available in a number of cool colors and designs — even including colors that shift. Because it is applied over the paint, your paint job needs to be in excellent condition, and the newer your car is, the better the wrap will turn out. Wrapping a car isn’t a way to hide corrosion or paint damage; it actually has to lay over top of the paint itself in order for it to work properly.

Here are 10 of the best reasons to consider a custom car wrap:



When we received the 2020 award for Best in Southlake for Promotional Advertising, this sign company was thrilled. Priority Signs & Graphics strives to put our customers first and make sure that we always showcase our best work. Our whole business is promotional advertising — after all, we are a sign company — so we’re really happy to know that we’re doing a good job.

The Southlake Award Program chooses, annually, only the best local businesses in the Southlake area. The body that chooses the winners for each category focuses on businesses that have shown creative marketing through tough economic times, as well as high levels of customer service and community involvement. The Southlake Award Program only chooses one business per award each year, and we are proud to be the recipient of this year’s award for Promotional Advertising. This is particularly exceptional for us, since we are in the business of marketing other businesses. That we have shown creativity in doing so enough to warrant recognition from the Southlake Award Program is, we...


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