Why Do I Need A Storefront Sign?

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Ever since the first inklings of mercantile society

the awareness and appeal of a seller’s brand has been an invaluable asset for a successful business model. The idea of catching the eye and mind of not just a potential customer, but any passerby is instrumental for anyone trying to sell their product, their skills, or their brand. Even the first merchant or trader who set up their tent in a market square had to attract some form of attention to their wares, whether by shouting in the streets or putting their shiniest items up front. The attraction of the buyer has been a staple of commercial opportunities for centuries, and in the 21st century, that is still the case.


However now in the modern era

We have access to incredible technology and materials that have changed the game for broadcasting your brand. Now, you can have beautiful custom storefront signage on your business, signs that are optimized to showcase your brand and attract potential customers. A storefront sign for your business can do everything, from catching the eye of a passerby and potential customer, to advertising your customized brand and logo 24/7. And the quality and aesthetic of your custom sign determines how effective your brand and business can be. That’s where Priority Signs and Graphics comes in. We proudly serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a variety of high-quality custom storefront signs and graphics, and we can make your business location pop with a custom storefront sign from our workshop. Keep reading to learn more about storefront signage, and how a storefront sign from Priority Signs and Graphics can help your business.

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A History Of Storefront Signs

To understand the importance of storefront signs, we have to take a look back through history, and see why storefront signage has been a staple of businesses since businesses even existed. Commercial buildings have been around for as long as human civilization has, and while they haven’t always looked like they do today, the presence of storefront signs has been around just as long. Before the middle of the 19th century, storefronts didn’t really have the large display windows you might think of today, but even then, they still used sweeping awnings and bay windows to increase the allure of their storefront to passerbys.

Storefront signs have existed en masse since the earliest days of Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and Greek civilizations. In ancient Rome, shop owners would put sign boards made out of stone or terracotta out in front of their shop to advertise upcoming events or what their shop specializes in. These signs would often use symbols or a well-known proverb to make identifying the shop and their specific goods and services easy for any passerby; for example the Romans would use a bush to signify a tavern, derived from the old proverb “A good wine needs no bush”, or three balls to signify pawnbrokers, or even a striped pole for barbers. The Chinese used copper printing plates, engraved with postered messages advertising their products with a slogan. Many also used small symbols on these storefront signs, like an illustration of a rabbit or an herb, marking one of the first times in human history that trademarking and brand recognition were used to entice customers and improve profits.

Some of these storefront signs themes have lasted into the modern era, and these ancient findings show just how intertwined the usage of signs are within the larger history of commercial branding and marketing. And as the size, depth, and complexity of consumer culture has exploded over the past couple centuries, so too has the commercial investment and focus on a business’s brand, image, trademarks, and marketing to a consumer audience. The concept of a brand and the ways to advertise it to your customers has only become more sophisticated over time, and storefront signs are just a small, but very important part of that. The signs and graphics we make at Priority are based in a rich history of brand and company image management, and our team would love to provide you with these advantages however you would like.

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Things to Consider

If you are considering a storefront sign for your business, or considering upgrading your current business sign, that’s great; there are so many benefits and brand improvement opportunities you can get from storefront signage. But there are also a few things you will have to consider regarding the type of storefront sign, the cost and method, and whether or not you can even have one at all. Rest assured though, our team at Priority Signs and Graphics will do everything in our power to support you and your business through every step, even helping contact your landlord to get the necessary permits. Keep reading to learn more about what you should consider regarding your storefront business sign.


Permits and Regulations

One of the first and most important things you need to consider before getting a storefront sign is the regulations of the area in which your business is located, and if it's possible to get permits for a storefront sign. Each city has its own signage code, as well as specifications for zoning and signage size, so it’s important you know what these regulations are before you get a new storefront sign or upgrade your current one, although most cities offer the ability to file for variance which allows you to subvert some of these regulations if certain standards are met. Your landlord for your business location might also have their own regulations for signage, so make sure you are in the know before committing to a design and final product. Our team at Priority Signs and Graphics can offer a variety of communication and support services to help you with any permit or regulations issues.



The placement of your storefront sign is almost as important as the style and design of the sign itself. The ideal placement location will wholly depend on the style and size of your business building. For example, if you have a large brick building storefront with a main entrance, your business could strongly benefit from a large metal or neon sign that sits above the entrance on the brick, as it can be seen from the parking lot, the road, or right below it. However, if you have a smaller building or a storefront with large windows, you could go for the graphic options instead and create a large graphic sign to go in the windows of your storefront. Regardless of your storefront sign needs, Priority has the services and experience needed to help.


Size, Style, and Design

Once you have the permit, regulations, and placement figured out, now comes the fun part; designing, sizing, and styling your very own branded sign! You will probably want your business name and your logo if you have one, but after that, the font, the integration of text and image, and the overall style of the sign is yours to take on. Even if you have a logo, this could be a great time to rebrand somewhat and recreate a newer modern logo for a new and modern sign. Size-wise, the name of the game is exposure and catching eyes, so ideally, you will want the sign as big as possible, no matter where it is or what it looks like (within the permitted dimensions stated by your permit or city planner of course).


Materials and Budget

If you have the style and design figured out, you can start to consider the final steps, which is the material and how that, plus your other decisions will factor into the final price. Materials will depend on the style, as a neon sign will have a large metal frame (and larger cost) compared to a simpler flat metallic sign or a banner or graphic. At Priority Signs and Graphics, we have a plethora of materials, sizes, and design styles, all at highly competitive prices and all worked on by dedicated and experienced workers using some of the latest technology available. Whatever you had in mind for your storefront sign, our team at Priority will work with you and your budget to make your dreams a reality.

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Why Do I Need a Storefront Sign?

You might still be hesitant to add or upgrade a storefront sign for your business, whether it’s the cost, the efficacy, your logo, or all three. But in the modern commercial era dominated by exposure and marketing, the conversation has turned more into why your business needs a storefront sign rather than whether or not you want one. Keep reading the graphic below and learn more about why your business needs a storefront sign, and how Priority Signs and Graphics in Dallas-Fort Worth is here to help.

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It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest business in the city or just opened up and are looking for your first customer; the success of your business will depend on the exposure of your brand to the masses by catching the attention of every potential customer nearby. A storefront sign can offer just that, whether it’s a beautiful neon sign that can be seen from the highway or a well designed banner that uses your storefront windows to broadcast your brand. And if you need a storefront sign, then Priority Signs and Graphics has the product, service, and solution for you. We offer an incredibly wide range of business signs, custom signage, graphic designs and banners, vehicle graphics, and more. If you need to show off your brand, our team is here to help. Fill out the form below to get started, or contact us now.