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Before the era of Google Maps and the highly-effective GPS devices that now fit in everyone's pocket, people got around with good old fashioned maps. You would use a map to find where you were, and then utilize the sun or landmarks or named places to find out which direction you needed to go to get to your destination. But even before that, way back in the medieval times when maps were not a common possession for every traveler on the road, signs were the dominating method of directional navigation. You would travel on a road or path, and when you hit a fork, a splitting of the paths, oftentimes there would be a signpost with destinations and arrows pointing you where to go to get there.

Nowadays, modern infrastructure and society have gone way beyond that. Now, we have devices in our pockets that can tell us our position on Earth with incredible accuracy, as well as draw out an exact path from our position to our destination, all while navigating you through the quickest, shortest, or easiest route available with known roads and traffic conditions. But even in this modern era of incredible technology and highly-effective navigation tools, directional and wayfinding signs are still ever present and highly useful. Highways still utilize massive signs to direct drivers to their exit, as well as smaller signs after their exit which point to gas, food, or lodging. Universities put up signposts with directional signs to direct students to the correct building. Strip malls install road signs in their parking lots to improve traffic efficiency of potential customers in their cars.

These are just a few examples of how signs are still highly important in our society today. And that means they can be an incredibly helpful tool for any business owner to navigate more customers to their business. Priority Signs and Graphics is here to help with that, with our wide selection of directional, wayfinding, and other outdoor signage for businesses in Denton, Decatur, Rhome, Keller, Frisco, Lewisville, Carrollton, and Flower Mound. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of directional signage for your business, and how Priority Signs is here to help.

Help potential customers navigate to your business, with high-end directional signage.


Attract More Customers

It might sound pretty obvious, but for any business owner looking for an improvement of in-person purchases and customers, they need to get the customers in their store. And to get into your store, they need to be able find it, and find and use the entrance easily. For a really committed customer who wants something specific from specifically your store, this probably won’t be much of an issue. But you are trying to attract the potential customers on the fence, the ones who happen to be in the area or the ones who have an idea what they want, but aren’t sure where or how to get it. Outdoor directional and wayfinding signage outside of your store can succinctly direct customers to your business, attracting curious customers on the fence as well as the ones with more of a plan who simply need to find your store and it’s entrance.


Improve Business Operation

Quality outdoor directional signs and wayfinding signage can also improve your businesses operation. Customers who are able to quickly and easily find your storefront entrance due to smartly placed outdoor directional signs will be more efficient with their exit, improving customer flow through your store. In the same vein, customers who don’t have to struggle to find your business entrance or location will be much more amicable, making them more likely to purchase your product and act as an exemplary customer to your employees. Outdoor directional signage can also be used on a variety of branding and marketing, making it quite easy to direct potential customers to your store (“Just look for our directional sign post on 123 Easy Street”). The bottom line is that the easier your business is to find, navigate to, and move in and out of, the better your business will objectively operate, and our outdoor directional signs can do just that.


Improve Customer Experience

In hand with both of these points is how outdoor directional and wayfinding signs can improve customer experience. For any business, it’s very important that the process of a customer giving you their money is as easy as possible. Every extra hurdle or extra minute that a customer has to spend trying to give you their money makes it less and less likely you will get their business. We have all probably gotten a little frustrated at one point or another trying to find a store location or entrance, and the more of that frustration that exists, the worse the customer experience will be. Outdoor directional signs and roadside signs can improve your customers' experience by making it incredibly easy to navigate your parking lot, find your storefront entrance, and give you their business. The more informed and locationally in control your customers are, the better their experience will be, and the better your business will perform.

Inform your customers with quality directional signage and roadway signs.

Outdoor signs to give directions and help you find your way are still a necessary resource. Your smartphone’s wayfinding app can do a lot and it’s incredibly helpful in terms of general directions for getting to a place. What do you do, though, when you get there and you’re not sure how to navigate the parking lot?


This is where directional, wayfinding and other outdoor signs come in handy. Directional signs are excellent in many circumstances, such as:


Finding the entrance and/or exit of a parking lot or parking garage


Designating where turning, stopping, standing or any other activities may be done or are prohibited


Showing handicapped parking areas or spaces for the disabled


Indicating a drive-thru window or area


Indicating where to go for certain services (on corporate campuses, hospitals, stadiums, arenas and more)

Make your business a breeze to find and navigate, with directional signs from Priority.

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As you can see, outdoor directional signs, wayfinder signs, and road signs in and around your business can be more than just a navigational support for your customers. It makes the shopping experience at your business better, the ability to attract more and happier customers easier, and ultimately it gets your brand and the quality of your business operations in the eyes and minds of more potential customers.

For the high-quality outdoor directionals signs and wayfinder signs that can support your business, look no further than Priority Signs and Graphics in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our talented team of graphic design and sign construction professionals will take the time to understand your businesses needs, and how we can best serve them. Our outdoor directional signs will last you for decades and will provide the clear and concise directional information your customers need to shop at your business. We proudly serve areas all around the DFW area, including but not limited to Denton, Decatur, Rhome, Keller, Frisco, Lewisville, Carrollton, and Flower Mound. Contact us today and see how our outdoor directional signage can help your business.

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