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What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are one of the most popular sign options for storefronts and commercial properties. These signs are made with plastic or metal, are 3D, and are often lit from the inside. With a channel letter sign, you can add stunning and high-quality style to your business, creating a great brand image. At Priority Signs and Graphics, we can provide you with the channel letter sign you want and need for your business. We take care of everything in-house from getting the proper permits and helping you with the design aspects to creating the actual sign and installing it on your building. If you need to upgrade your storefront signs, be sure to get in touch with us!

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Types of Channel Letter Signs

There are many different types of channel letter signs that you can choose from, allowing you to find the perfect style to match your business’s branding. The letter faces, returns, and backs differ based on the type of sign you choose. The returns of a channel letter sign are the sides of the letters.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters are the most common type. This style features an acrylic face, aluminum returns, and lights on the interior of the letters, allowing for them to be illuminated and become more visible at night.

Halo Channel Letters

Also known as back-lit or reverse channel letters, this sign style offers a classy and sleek look. Instead of acrylic letter faces, this type of sign uses metal faces and aluminum returns. The letters are mounted at least 1.5 inches from the building, allowing the lights to give each letter a halo effect. Halo channel letter signs work best against light colored buildings.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter signs are the same as channel letters, but they do not include any lighting element. They are great for businesses that are not open late and do not need to stand out at night.

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Choose Our Experts For Your Channel Letter Sign

At Priority Signs and Graphics, we can provide you with beautiful, unique, and high-quality channel letter signs. Whether you already have a design picked out or you need to start your sign design from scratch, our team will be able to help. Our sign experts can help determine which type of channel letter sign is best for your business and can be the most beneficial.

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At Priority Signs and Graphics, we offer our services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including in Denton, Irving, Weatherford, and more! From design and fabrication to installation, our team does it all and can provide your business with the sign you need. If you need a new channel letter sign for the exterior of your building, be sure to contact our team today! We will work with you to create the perfect design, help you choose the style, and provide you with a stunning sign.

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