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Every business owner strives to make their business accessible to every single person. This also includes clients with different types of disabilities. The ADA Act of 1990 makes it necessary for businesses in public spaces to provide special signage to assist people with various types of disabilities. Nonetheless, some business owners do not see the need for this requirement. Are they essential? Let’s discuss!

What Is ADA Signage?

These are tactile, high-contrast letters that make it possible for people living with disabilities to read and understand. Let’s face it, even people without disabilities require signs to let them know they are going in the right direction. The same courtesy should be extended to people living with disabilities as well. These signs do not end with people with disabilities only, they equally help older citizens living with conditions that affect some senses in their bodies.

Is It Necessary To Have ADA Signage?

As a new business owner, you may see some things in other established businesses and wonder whether you are required to have them too. Many people are unsure if ADA signage is required. However, as a business owner, you can’t afford to not have these signs in your business because it is a requirement by the law.

Businesses That Don’t Require ADA Signage

There are only a few businesses that are an exception to the rule. Businesses operating exclusively online without a physical office are not required to have ADA signage. So even if the services require online interaction with the clients, you still are an exemption to the rule. Remember that some ADA compliance provisions come with certain exemptions — for instance, if you have fewer than 15 employees.

Why Is ADA Signage Important For Businesses?

First off, ADA signage is required by the law, and as a business owner in the USA, you cannot operate outside the laws of the state. Also, the signs help keep public spaces safe for everyone accessing that particular space. Finally, abiding by the ADA signage regulations gives a positive impression about you as the business owner and also shows that you care and respect every customer walking into your business.

Unless you are the exception to the ADA law, you need to have these signs within your premises. Priority Signs and Graphics are well versed with ADA compliant signages, contact us for a quote.
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