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Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace: Maximizing the Impact of Commercial Business Signs

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Dallas-Fort Worth is home to over 62,000 businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies. The region is a thriving hub of commercial activity, meaning whatever industry your business belongs to, there are dozens of competitors vying for your customers' attention.

Standing out and making an impression on customers is understandably one of the top marketing challenges for businesses. To achieve these goals, you must find marketing options that can deliver the value you expect. That's where business signs can make all the difference.

What Are Custom Business Signs?

Custom business signs are quintessential marketing tools for all types of businesses, whether small or enterprise. They are personalized signage used outdoors and indoors for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Branding Interiors
  • Creating unique visitor experiences
  • Advertising your business offerings
  • Displaying branding at pop-ups
  • Helping the business gain top-of-mind awareness

You can personalize commercial business signs with brand-specific themes, logo, and more. If you work with a full-service sign company, they will help you identify the right signs for your needs.

Different Signs and How to Use Them

Deciding which signs are ideal for you depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you are looking to boost advertising, large outdoor signs are powerful tools. If you want to brand your workspace, then custom business signs for your lobby and meeting rooms are excellent choices.

Amplifying Your Brand with Outdoor Signs

Outdoor commercial business signs are designed to resist weather damage. They can incorporate catchy graphics or key messages designed to attract the attention of passersby. They are ideal for marketing outside your business's locations, such as on billboards or to fulfill roadside advertising.

Transform Your Business with Indoor Signs

Used inside business premises, indoor custom business signs help guide visitors, highlight promotions, and enhance decor. Given how many personalization options are available, you can tailor them to suit your decor and branding exactly.

Welcome the Modern Era with Digital Signs

Digital signs have been transformative for marketing. They can display dynamic messages, graphics, and full-color videos. Studies have shown digital commercial business signs engage audiences better than traditional signage. It's why they are best used in high-energy environments, such as QSRs, retail stores, airports, and trade shows.

Get Creative with Signage Printing

Business signage printing unlocks some of the most cost-effective signage options. Flexible, portable, and completely customizable, banners are perfect for highlighting promotions and events. There are a wide range of mounting options to choose from, including wall, ceiling, window, and door mounts. Businesses can use them to brand trade show booths, promote discounts in-store, and tastefully personalize events.

Hit the Road with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great way to turn commercial vehicles into moving billboards. Like banners, vehicle wraps offer a wide scope for personalization. Some businesses use vehicle business signs to brand vehicles with their business’s name and logo, while others display their products using three-dimensional graphics, promotional messaging, and more.

Preparing a Custom Sign Strategy That Maximizes Your Business's Visibility

The right signs can help you increase foot traffic and boost sales. 76% of American shoppers say they have visited an establishment because they found its custom business signs attractive. 68% feel a business's signs reflect the quality of its products and services. In fact, simply replacing an aging sign with a new one can potentially increase your business's sales by as much as 10%.

Taking advantage of these benefits, however, requires a clear signage strategy. In this blog, we will cover how to go about preparing this kind of strategy for your business.

  • Assess Your Needs - The first step in any signage project is evaluating your business's existing signage. Evaluate what is and what isn't effective and whether it aligns with your current branding. This is the time to assess them subjectively too. Ask yourself: are they visible to passers-by; can they be easily read; and are they appealing?
  • Know Your Audience - The next step is knowing who your customers are and what their expectations are. For instance, people visiting an engineering firm will expect a professional environment that conveys a sense of solidity. A video game arcade, on the other hand, is expected to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Your signs should correspond to these expectations accordingly. Also, consider the demographics of your audience, such as their preferences, locations they frequent, and shopping habits.
  • Identify the Right Locations - Location is key for effectiveness. Install signs in places that maximize their visibility; you want your signs noticed by as many people as possible. For outdoor signs, consider high-traffic areas, such as sidewalks and buildings' atriums. Indoor signs should be placed at entrances and in areas you expect customers to visit.
  • Choose the Right Signs - Based on your audience and location, you can decide which types of signs will be most effective. Combine different types of signs, such as illuminated signs outdoors and digital signs indoors, to create an exciting customer experience. An experienced signage partner can help you achieve this by offering insight into these visual communication tools and helping you find the right locations.
  • Maintain Design Consistency - Consistent branding, says Forbes, is the hallmark of effective marketing. Make sure your signs reflect your brand's colors, logo, and tagline. Use similar or matching patterns across signs, which will help build trust with your audience and grow brand awareness.
  • Regularly Refresh Your Signage - High-quality signs will last years without fading, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider replacing them. Generally, outdoor building signs can be used for years, which is why they are designed for long-lasting advertising. However, short-term signs should be replaced routinely to keep your brand presence fresh. A seasoned sign company can help you plan for that in your sign strategy.

Your Go-To Partner for Custom Signs in Dallas-Fort Worth

At Priority Signs and Graphics, we work closely with our clients to prepare a custom signage strategy. Our team is known for offering expert guidance, as we understand your market, can help you identify cost-effective signs and much more. As a full-service company, we handle all stages of your signage journey, from deciding on business signage printing to fabricating your ideal signs.

Book a free consultation with our sign professional to talk about your needs and identify the right commercial business signs for you.

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