April 27, 2022

Grapevine Storefront Signs: The Power Of The Logo

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Your storefront is where the magic happens: it's your design and marketing team in one, and its effectiveness can be boosted by a logo. That window sign you're planning to put up? That illuminated channel letter sign for the top of your building won't just be an eye-grabber; it will help brand your company. At Priority Signs & Graphics, we help Grapevine businesses create signs that make customers feel like they've been welcomed and leave them wanting more. Our team has broken down how logos can enhance your storefront signs.

Brand Story

Every business is built on a brand. And your brand, as a whole, has to be expressed through every single aspect of your company’s marketing and advertising material. That includes the logos you put out into the world. Logos are more than just symbols or pictures that stand for your business; they are important tools in establishing what your company represents both to the public and internally with your employees. They play an essential role in making people understand who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. Priority Signs & Graphics crafts business signs that will help you be recognized as a legitimate business with a story behind it.

Brand Reputation

You need to maintain your brand’s reputation through the management of your storefront. You can’t let your Grapevine business signs deteriorate, or else this will reflect on your reputation. Signs are some of the most visible ambassadors for your company's quality and condition. To indicate to customers that they are in good hands, you should keep your storefront’s logo well-maintained. Get a repair from our sign shop and completely change how people see your logo by rejuvenating its image.


When it comes to your logo color scheme, there are no right or wrong answers. Whether you go with red and yellow or navy blue and maroon, it’s all about what works for your business. The best thing to do is choose a scheme based on what matches your brand personality. If you want some guidance on where to start, some traditional color schemes for different industries are matching high-tech businesses with black, white, and gray plus pops of orange; employing navy blue to represent trust and sophistication; and adding purple to signify classiness.

If you choose to use color, make sure to keep the same colors throughout as well as on any other signage your company may have (i.e. vehicle graphics or custom pens with your logo). Keeping these things consistent will allow customers to recognize your brand image immediately and help build rapport among current and future customers, which is very important for businesses that cannot afford negative feedback from dissatisfied customers.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Having custom illuminated channel letters for your storefront sign is an excellent way to set you apart from other companies in your field. When done right, these enhancements will give people a better idea of who you are and what you offer. During the nighttime, your business name and logo will get extra attention, as they are spotlighted as people drive past. Priority Signs & Graphics can also add any finishing touches like backlit channel letters or lighted channel letters that will make your sign stand out even in broad daylight. If done correctly, these enhancements will not only significantly improve how your business looks at night, but they'll attract more attention during the day as well.

Your storefront is where all of your branding begins — make it count. By putting up a sign with a professional logo, not only do you achieve instant brand recognition, but also build rapport among current and future customers. Illuminated channels for stores and other types of signage will give your storefront a professional look, and you will immediately notice an increase in activity. Contact Priority Signs & Graphics today to learn more!

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