April 28, 2022

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What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business?

Blade signs are signs that are mounted perpendicular to the wall of a building. Blade signs have been used to direct pedestrians in the direction of a building or a business for years. If your business or store is situated near a footpath or sidewalk, you can never go wrong with a blade sign. These eye-catching signs add a unique feel to your brand and make your business more noticeable.

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Benefits of Blade Signs

Blade signs are another style of exterior building signs that can give your business a unique look and help catch the attention of people passing by. Since blade signs are mounted perpendicularly to your storefront, they allow people to see your business from down the sidewalk. This is a great way to draw more attention to your business and to be recognizable from all directions.

Who Can Benefit From Blade Signs

Business owners who are located along main stretches of road and sidewalks can benefit from blade signs the most, but they can be beneficial to all businesses. They offer another way to make your business stand out and allow people to recognize your brand. If your business’s front door opens up to a main sidewalk, adding a blade sign is a great option!

Different Blade Sign Styles

Our team of signage experts can provide you with a customized blade sign to fit your business’s style. You can get aluminum blade signs, wooden blade signs, cabinet box blade signs, and a variety of other styles. This allows you to find the perfect blade sign style for your business and brand.

Why Blade Signs?

Blade signs are perfect for attracting the attention of passersby and drawing more people into your storefront. These types of signs give you the flexibility of choosing different designs, shapes, and sizes ideal for your store. They can also be made double-sided to make sure you are getting attention from both sides.

Blade signs are a unique and beneficial sign option for many businesses. If you want to add a blade sign to your storefront, get in touch with Priority Signs and Graphics! We can provide you with the perfect sign for your business.

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