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Have you ever wanted to have your car painted in an awesome color without committing to a brand new paint job? What about putting flames on its hood or adding an amazing design on its body? Maybe you are wondering how you can maximize advertising for your business? All of these ideas and many more end up being great reasons to get a custom car wrap. We’ll go over some of the best reasons in this post today.

A car wrap is a vinyl covering that is applied over your car’s paint job. They have become increasingly popular and therefore increasingly available in a number of cool colors and designs — even including colors that shift. Because it is applied over the paint, your paint job needs to be in excellent condition, and the newer your car is, the better the wrap will turn out. Wrapping a car isn’t a way to hide corrosion or paint damage; it actually has to lay over top of the paint itself in order for it to work properly.

Here are 10 of the best reasons to consider a custom car wrap:

It doesn’t lower your car’s resale value.

In fact, it may actually increase it. While painting a car in a color that is unique or different may actually make it harder to sell in the long run, a car wrap can actually increase its value. After all, the odds of finding a buyer with the exact same taste in color as you are pretty slim, but with a car wrap, the vinyl can be easily removed without any damage to the paint if the person you sell the car to doesn’t love its color or design.

Car wraps also protect the original paint job, so the paint will be in better shape than it would be if it had been exposed all of the time you were driving it with the wrap in place. A car with flawless paintwork is always worth more than a car with corrosion and scratches, and the vinyl wrap puts a 2mm layer of protection between your car’s exterior and the world.

It’s exclusive to your vehicle.

Or, vehicles, if you’re having a fleet wrapped for your company. For private car owners, this means you get a vehicle unlike anyone else’s. One-of-a-kind effects like textures and shading can also be achieved with car wraps. It’s a great way to make sure your car stands out among the masses!

For commercial fleets, it’s the most cost-effective way to advertise your brand. Painting a vehicle with logos and designs takes a considerable amount of time and the look isn’t going to be uniform. Custom car wraps ensure your brand is communicated effectively with precisely the same look on every vehicle.

It’s not as expensive as paint.

While a custom paint job will set you back anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for each vehicle you want to have painted, a custom car wrap is going to be around $2,500 to $5,000. Also, once you finalize the design for the wrap, more wraps can be produced from the same design without incurring as much expense. This means it’s cheaper to wrap multiple cars (lower cost per car) than to paint multiple cars (same cost per car, especially if cars are different makes and models, because design has to be redone every time and the costs of the paint and labor are the same every time).

It can be used on any vehicle.

Are you thinking about getting a bus or truck wrapped? Easily done. Any vehicle with any kind of paint job can be wrapped. Custom car wraps are versatile and can be adapted to any shape of vehicle. Wraps also give you the ability to see what your design will look like before the wrap is done, saving you time and money if part of your logo is going to end up being cut off or the design needs to be retooled somehow to make sure it looks good. While the wrap for a bus won’t look the same as a wrap for a car, the process enables you to make those changes before you get started.

Additionally, when you add new vehicles to your commercial fleet, the design can be quickly and easily modified and updated so that your vehicles all match.

It’s easily removable.

Paint jobs are permanent. Removing them is impossible, you can only paint over them, and that gets expensive and time-consuming. If you have a commercial fleet that is custom-painted and decide to change up your logo or brand colors, the cost is staggering.

Custom car wraps are easy to remove. Since they protect your car’s paint, it’s going to look exactly the same as it did before you had the wrap applied in the first place. And it’s cost-effective to wrap multiple cars instead of paint them if you have custom colors or business advertising.

You can wrap the windows too!

While you can’t paint over your car’s windows for obvious reasons, you can wrap them. If you want graphics or custom colors or whatever design you like covering your windows, that’s easy to do with a vinyl car wrap. The design gets printed on vinyl that is perforated so that you can see through it while giving the appearance of being completely covered. From the inside, you have a window; from the outside, you have an incredible graphic, color shifting paint, or whatever you would like to have!

You’re involved in the design process.

The design process for custom car wraps is done digitally and puts you in charge of the design. You can make comments and raise questions as the design is evolving. This means less back-and-forth for design approval and brings you closer to the final result of what your car wraps will look like once they are completed. This also enables you to play more with various colors, special effects, textures, shading, and the like throughout the process.

Maintenance is easy.

Damage to custom car wraps does happen, but it’s a lot easier to repair than damage to paint jobs. Paint damage is extremely difficult to repair and sometimes involves repainting the whole vehicle. With a car wrap, as long as the underlying paint work isn’t damaged, you just reapply that section of the wrap. If the paint is damaged, the wrap can be reapplied easily once it is repaired.

It’s faster than custom paint work.

The time your vehicle spends off the road costs you money. While new paint work takes up to two weeks, a new custom car wrap takes three to five days, generally speaking. That gets you and your car back out on the road more quickly, drumming up more business.

It’s the best option for vehicle signage.

If you’re going to use your vehicle for advertising your business, a custom car wrap is simply the best way to get it done. Vinyl lettering is difficult to apply and even more difficult to take off, and it’s hard to get an idea for how things are going to look on the vehicle itself. Paint is extremely expensive and messy. Window signs, door magnets or rooftop signs aren’t an attractive look and get easily damaged, lost or even stolen.

Custom car wraps are processed digitally, so you can see exactly what it is going to look like before it goes on your vehicle. They’re easily removed so that you can be finished with them anytime you’d like. Cost-effective, maintenance-free, stylish, and highly customizable, a custom car wrap is the most affordable mobile signage for your business.

If you’re interested in custom car wraps for your commercial fleet or your personal vehicle, Priority Signs & Graphics is your number one resource for vinyl wraps in the Grapevine area and beyond. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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